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March eNews 2024

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Join The Transferware Collectors Club in Philadelphia for its for Our Spring Annual Meeting, April 26-28, 2024!

Philadelphia and the Transferware Connection:

100 years of British Transferware History and Style

Register Now for the spring Annual Meeting in historic Philadelphia, April 26–28, 2024! The meeting will be held in Philadelphia at the Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square, and it will include a day visit to the Winterthur Museum and Gardens on Saturday, April 27th. The lectures and activities planned for this meeting will highlight Philadelphia’s rich history related to both the decorative use and utilitarian consumption of British transfer-printed wares, patterns, sources, and stylistic trends. The meeting will also include the always popular Transferware Raffle and the Transferware Dealer Sale.

The meeting’s program, Philadelphia, and the Transferware Connection: 100 Years of British Ceramic History and Style, explores three distinct but closely related areas of interest:

  • Philadelphia’s Ceramic Market in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  • Historic Philadelphia and Patriotic Themes on Transferware
  • Transferware and the Aesthetic Movement and Transfer-printed Pot Lids for the Philadelphia Trade

You can either register for the meeting online and pay with credit card through a secure website set up by our event planner (Online Registration), or you can complete the fillable PDF, print it out, and mail it in with your check in US dollars (Mail-in Registration) to the event planner (not to TCC). Information for reserving a hotel room at the event hotel in included on both the online registration form and on the mail-in form. Hotel reservations must be made by meeting participants through the hotel link provided, and we encourage making your hotel arrangements as soon as possible.

Note: to register for the meeting, you must be a TCC member. Join or renew your membership at the “TCC Membership” link below and then proceed to register.

Link to Registration and details of Program, Speakers and Hotel

Be sure to register early and plan your travel. The first 30 members to register will receive this special TCC canvas bag! Philadelphia in late April should be lovely.


TCC Bulletin Vol. XXIV No. 2

Current issue is available for members to download here. Free to all is a sample article: Opening Pandora’s Box: Identification and Attribution of the Greek Myth Series by Adrienne Trunk Boggs.

The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue. A rich resource! Search Index.

The Bulletin editors are seeking contributions for the upcoming bulletin. Contacts: Dan Sousa: or David Hoexter:

Transferware Collectors Club (TCC) Bulletin writers guidelines: Download writers guidelines

2023 Vol. XXIV No. 2


New Funding Announced

for the Study of British Transferware

2024 Research Grant Proposals now being accepted

All grant applications must be received by May 4th.

The Transferware Collectors Club, a US-based international non-profit organization dedicated to the study of British transfer-printed ceramics, is pleased to welcome applications for the 2024 Transferware Collectors Club Research Grant Program for the study of British Transferware.

Grant Funding

Launched in 2009, the Grant Program is dedicated to supporting research focused on British transferware produced between 1750 and 1900. Annual funding for this program remains at $10,000. To date the program has funded over thirty projects. A summary of winning proposals from previous years is available on the club’s website. Grant funding for selected proposals is made available by the end of August each year.

The following are the 2023 Richards Research Grant Recipients:

Radhika Vaidyanathan, India

Project Title: “Historical British transfer printed tiles, flat and round ware and their legacy in public and private collections in present day India”

David Barker, UK

Project Title: “Transfer-printed ceramics in the Eastern Caribbean: a case study on the island of Nevis”

Neil Ewins, UK

Project Title: “Alternative Narratives in Ceramic History: culture, identity, religion and race”

George Haggarty, UK

Project Title: The Gallatown and Fife Potteries, Kirkcaldy, Scotland: A Potted History and its Wares

For More Information, Contact Dan Sousa, Grant Administrator: or Scott Hanson, TCC President:

All grant applications must be received by May 4 of the year the request is made. Learn more.


Philadelphia in April!

Philadelphia was a popular subject for transferware throughout the 19th century. Many American Historical views represent the city and its surrounds, like the two blue plates included here: Fair Mount Near Philadelphia by Joseph Stubbs (1822-1834) and The Dam and Water Works, Philadelphia by Henshall, Williamson & Co. (1790-1828). The green bordered plate, made by F. & R. Pratt (& Co.) 1818 – 1920, Fenton, Staffordshire show one of the buildings constructed the 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition – which introduced the Aesthetic Movement to America. The importer’s mark at the top records one of the many merchants and wholesalers who brought vast quantities of transferware from the U.K. to Philadelphia. All these topics will be explored during our Annual Meeting in Philly, April 25th – 28th.

Join other Transferware Collectors Club members for this exciting, educational, and social gathering of transferware lovers from around the globe. Registration information can be found at:

Go to the PuzzleSee past Puzzles of the Month.

Thanks to Scott Hanson for preparing the "Puzzle of the Month" and photo by Judie Siddall.


Just a Few Broken Plates

Excavation at the Spode Works in Stoke-on-Trent. Just one example of several thousand images related to the pottery industry and transferware available for download from the TCC website Image Gallery: See larger image. See past Photos of the Month.

Thanks to David Hoexter for preparing the "Photo of the Month."


Wedgwood's Months Series

Shown is a 6 inch tile made by Josiah Wedgwood (1759-2005). It is part of the Wedgwood's Months series. For TCC members, this pattern #17413. View larger image. See past Patterns of the Month.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."


Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids, Update Including a Guide to Beauty Pots Houghton, R. J., Layden, J., and Taylor, P.

This recent publication is more an extensive supplement, than an update, providing over 480 new advertising examples and a new section on beauty pots to supplement the 8,000 plus images and detailed backgrounds of over 600 companies which were featured in the original publication. It is a “must” purchase for anyone who possesses the original volume. A review of the book will be included in the next TCC bulletin. More information.


Transferware Jewelry

Artist Lisa SantaMaria (“Sam and Tilly”) uses transferware shards to craft bespoke jewelry. Learn more and see examples of her beautiful work. Link to PDF with more images


Overglaze Printing on English Pottery 1750-1800

Lecturer: Robin Emmerson, Freelance Decorative Arts Curator, Shrewsbury, England

Description: The first printing on pottery was overglaze, and it was another three decades before pottery was printed underglaze. The study of overglaze printing presents a special intellectual challenge because an already glazed pot could have been printed hundreds of miles from where it was made, or in the same factory. The copper plate from which it was printed could also have been engraved somewhere else. Most printed pots do not have the signature of the engraver or printer in the print, but fortunately a few do, and these, together with documentary and archaeological evidence, enable us to trace the spread of the pottery printer’s skill from John Brooks and Henry Delamain at Battersea to Liverpool, Derby, Staffordshire and Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Our speaker: Robin Emmerson was Curator of the Decorative Art Department at National Museums Liverpool. Since retirement he was for six years Chair of the Northern Ceramics Society. He was one of the contributors to the TCC and NCS joint online exhibition on British Printed Pottery and Porcelain and wrote the essay on ‘Pottery and the Liverpool Trade’ in S. Robert Teitelman et al., Success to America: Creamware for the American Market (Antique Collectors’ Club, 2010). Watch video.


The English Ceramic Circle

Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 6PM (UK)

 The Magic of British Shell-Edged Earthenware, 1775-1860

Rob Hunter

This beautifully illustrated paper summarizes the history of British shell-edged earthenwares in production between 1775 to 1860 and beyond. These earthenwares were exported to five continents and archaeological examples are found in every American household in the early 19th century. The reasons for the design’s success and longevity are discussed using antiques examples, archaeological fragments, engravings, and period documents.

Rob Hunter is an archaeologist and recently retired editor of Ceramics in America, a journal he edited from 2001 to 2023. He has published numerous articles and lectures widely. He is a former board member of the American Ceramic Circle and is an elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. He is completing a book with his long time colleague George Miller on the history of British shell-edged earthenware.

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: 685839

Webinar ID: 820 5545 5502

International numbers available:

The San Francisco Ceramic Circle

Sunday, March 17, 2024 - 11:00AM PST

The Art of German Stoneware: Meanings and Mysteries

Jack Hinton, Henry P. McIIhenny Curator of European Decorative Arts and Sculpture, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Virtual via Zoom. For general questions contact:

The Museum of Royal Worcester

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 6PM

‘Nature, Porcelain and the Enlightenment – George Edwards’

“Uncommon Birds” on Worcester and Chelsea Porcelain’

Presenter Paul Crane, porcelain expert

George Edwards’ enlightenment publication of ‘A Natural History of Uncommon Birds’ was published in four volumes between the years of 1743 and 1751. Paul Crane shows how this exquisitely illustrated work was used as direct inspiration by artist enamellers and model-makers at both the Worcester Manufactory during the First Period Dr Wall era and also at the Chelsea Porcelain manufactory in London.

Full information here and booking links here


“Mystery, Beauty & Preciousness”

Wednesday, 26th and Thursday, 27th June 2024


Mystery, Beauty & Preciousness - The mystery, beauty and preciousness of art over the centuries will be discussed including Schatzkammers (Imperial Treasuries), Regalia, Church Treasuries, Rare Jewels, Snuff Boxes, Rare Ceramics – Saint Porchaire and Vezzi, Princely Arms and Armour made by the Helmschmid Dynasty of Renaissance Armourers in the city of Augsburg who counted the Emperors Maximillian I and Charles V among their many clients.

Booking opens on 31st January. For all information including the amazing line-up of international speakers and topic please visit:

At SCI / Society of Chemical Industry, 14-15 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PS


2022 Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program Recipient.

Advancing the History of Yellow Transfer Printing on Brown Earthenware

Jewell Lorenz Dunn, USA

Study Title: Advancing the History of Yellow Transfer Printing on Brown Earthenware. Phase I: Assembling evidence to support the attribution of pieces of yellow transferware on brown earthenware to specific Staffordshire manufacturers YPB. Download pdf.

All grant applications must be received by May 4 of the year the request is made. Learn more.



This article is adapted from a presentation given at an NCS meeting in March 2019. New information arising following the meeting has been included. This is the story of the life and work of three brothers, James, Ralph & Andrew Stevenson. Their father Ralph Stevenson died when they were young and six years later their mother Ann Adams Stevenson married Benjamin Godwin a Cobridge potter who had two sons of his own. Benjamin and Ann went on to have three children together, Thomas, Mary Ann, and Charles. Read article.


The Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1800 Vol. 1 by Coysh, A. W. and Henrywood, R. K.

This dictionary brings together as many facts as possible about blue and white printed pottery at the height of its popularity and production. The authors have produced a comprehensive guide, covering every possible aspect of the subject, with Appendices which include makers' initial marks and a list of source books used by makers. More info.

The Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1800 Vol. 2 by Coysh, A. W. and Henrywood, R. K.

Designed as a comprehensively cross-referenced companion to the original Dictionary, this second volume includes over 1,000 new or extended entries. These cover many previously unrecorded patterns, recent attributions, newly discovered design sources and a significant number of additional manufacturers and retailers. Some of the more interesting wares after the original deadline of 1880 have also been included. More info.


Flow Blue

They are a group of nearly six hundred of the world’s friendliest folks, including over twenty generous dealers, bound together by our love, and occasional lust, for flow blue and mulberry china. Their membership spans all the states of the Union and includes countries all over the world. In 1986 twenty-one flow blue and mulberry fanatics gathered in Rockford, Illinois. The result of their passion and labor was the birth of the Flow Blue International Collectors’ Club, Inc. Their mission is to promote and increase the collecting, interest, knowledge, and enjoyment of flow blue and mulberry china. Visit the site.

Friends of Blue

Friends of blue was formed over 40 years ago and offers an opportunity for beginners and experts alike to share their interest in printed pottery. They are always delighted to welcome new members to the group and their website includes Members pages, publications and meetings. Visit the site.

Find more of the informative resources we've compiled here.


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Looking for anyone with a passion for the beauty and history of transferware who would like to help record lovely old patterns for a worldwide audience. The Database of Patterns and Sources is maintained by a team of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. You could be one of them! We're currently looking for editors in Romantic patterns, Literature and Performing Arts, and Tiles, but let us know your interests and we can find a spot for you. Contact Len at for more information!


The TCC Bulletin editor seeks submittals to future editions, particularly from first time or occasional authors. We have an extremely knowledgeable member base, yet many of our members seldom or never share their knowledge, at least in printed form. Now is your chance. Bulletin submittals do not need to be extremely technical or lengthy. They just need to be interesting and relate to British transferware! And they need to be accompanied by quality images. We would especially welcome articles from our growing number of archaeologist members.

Don’t fret if you have little experience. We will be pleased to work with you, to formulate your concept and bring your article along. Simply send us your ideas, if that is where you are, or text, even in preliminary form, if you are further along. Please submit in MS Word format, and separately, images in png, pdf or jpeg format. Please do NOT convert to PDF. Don’t worry if this is a problem for you; we’ll work with you to bring your article from preliminary to final, printed, stage, no matter your level of computer and word processes experience. Download the Guidelines.

Suggested topics: 

  1. Your favorite transferware piece, either your own or displayed elsewhere (why is it your favorite?, how did you acquire it?, what is the pattern, maker if known?). 
  2. What is your favorite place to view transferware: museum? stately home? Historic or archaeological site?
  3. Tell (and show) us your own collection (really good pictures required).
  4. New discoveries.
  5. Archaeological sites: overall summary of the excavation as relates to transferware; discuss a particular pattern or piece; context/importance of the transferware.
  6. In-depth research of a pattern, series, maker.


Dan Sousa, Interim TCC Bulletin Editor:

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Michael Sack, Co-Editor:

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