Transatlantic Cluster Insights | Volume 10 | May 2019
Transatlantic Cluster Insights

We’re delighted to present the tenth volume of Transatlantic Cluster Insights.

Our US Food Processing Roadshow this past April addressed topics such as emerging trends and continued digitization. Read about the trip highlights and key takeaways below.

Meet our visiting US delegation in Germany from May 13-17 in Bielefeld, Osnabrück, and Berlin and connect with US and local businesses, research organizations, and industry associations involved in food processing. For a detailed itinerary and additional information, please refer to our event website or email us!

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Food Processing Roadshow Recap
The Roadshow took our German cluster representatives to Springfield, OH, St. Louis, MO, and Minneapolis, MN to engage in fruitful conversations about innovations, trends, and challenges in the industry.

Overall takeaways include:
  • Both countries are experiencing shifts in consumer demands. Plant-based protein sources are emerging as a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly option.
  • As both Germany and the US continue to process food more efficiently, the number of farmers producing food is decreasing. Dialogue on consumer engagement and food transparency are ongoing.
  • Digitization and smart technology are already being utilized through the entire food production cycle and are being constantly developed further. Drone and smart sensor technology among others are gaining more and more traction within the farming community.

For impressions of the event, click here .
What Past Participants Say
"Being a participant on the Delegation Trip of the Transatlantic Cluster Initiative on E-Mobility was really helpful to learn about the various ways that so many companies in Germany are working hard to develop reliable, affordable, safe and sustainable ways to propel us into the future while simultaneously away from such dependency on automobiles.

I am excited about all that I saw and learned. Robotics in the car manufacturing business has really advanced. Also, both of the BMW factories that we visited were so clean! That was great to see - a great benefit for the workers. Thank you!"

M.L. Richardson, Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development, APC Construction and Keller Farm Property
Transatlantic Clusters in the News
"German coalition visits Springfield, discusses agriculture industry" - Local news article from the Roadshow in Ohio

Our German Partners engaged in valuable discussions with local industry professionals surrounding innovations, challenges, and technologies in the agricultural and food processing industry during a Lunch & Panel session in Springfield, OH. Read the events summary here .

"Innovative, more innovative, cluster" - The annual conference of the "go-cluster" program closes the 2nd Cluster Week in Germany (article in German)

After eight eventful days, the 2nd Cluster Week in Germany ended on April 11, 2019 with the annual conference of the "go-cluster" program. Read the events summary here.

I T Logistics Cluster: 8th Bavarian Innovation Conference (article in German)

Technological innovations in artificial intelligence from the perspective of E-Mobility, autonomous driving, IT logistics, mechatronics, and IT security are the focus of the 8th Bavarian Innovation Conference, which will take place on May 23, 2019, at the TechBase in Regensburg. More on this upcoming event here.
2019 German- American Business Forum
The German American Business Forum (DAWT) will take place this year in Potsdam on June 4. This high- profile event features panels and workshops from C-Level executives, who will discuss important topics related to US market entry and challenges you may face in the process.  Be sure to secure your spot at this high-profile event and register now .
2019 German American Business Awards
The German American Business Awards, organized by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACCs), is one of the highest accolades in transatlantic business, recognizing companies for their exceptional achievements in digitization, innovation, and services.

We are excited to celebrate German-American friendship and partnership on Friday, October 11, 2019. Mark you calendars for this special event!
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