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April 2024
Here’s An Inside Look at What It’s Like to Be a Paramedic  

Whether it’s a wildfire, traffic collision, structure fire, medical aids, paramedics respond to everything. Travis Taylor has delivered 13 babies while on the job and he's prepared for more. Check out the video above to learn about Travis’ day-to-day life as a paramedic and scroll to the bottom of this newsletter to learn how you can become a CAL FIRE paramedic. 
‘I ❤️ Trees Because…’ 2024 Arbor Week Art Contest Winners

From March 7–14 we celebrated 2024 California Arbor Week. Trees bring life to California – and that is worth celebrating! During Arbor Week, commemorative events are held throughout the state including the Arbor Week poster contest for kids aged 5-12. This year’s poster contest theme was ‘I ❤️ Trees Because…’ and a lot of amazing artworks were submitted. View the winner's video above or click the link below to see the winning entry. 
A Conversation with the Chief: Stacy Stanish

While CAL FIRE is renowned world wide as a fire department, our mission extends far beyond firefighting. In this episode, we dive into the work of CAL FIRE Senior Environmental Scientist Stacy Stanish.

Join Director/Fire Chief Joe Tyler and host Monte Manson as they chat with Stacy about her role in the Forest Practice Program, the unique challenges and opportunities faced by CAL FIRE's growing number of environmental scientists statewide, and her perspectives on enhancing diversity and inclusion within the Resource Management Program.
Welcome Helen Lopez, Deputy Director, Tribal Affairs
CAL FIRE is pleased to introduce Helen Lopez as the new Deputy Director for Tribal Affairs.

The position is responsible for implementing the Department’s new Tribal Affairs Program. This program will work with and support the units, regions, and programs to cultivate and enhance relationships with tribal governments and communities.

Deputy Director Lopez has over three decades of public service and has held leadership positions both at Cal OES and the Department of Food and Agriculture. She has extensive leadership experience in grant management, internal audits, policy and procedure development, program implementation, and emergency management.
The Scoop section
Dive Deep into the CAL FIRE Training Program 

Throughout CAL FIRE’s long history of protecting the lives and property of the people of California, training has been at the core of every CAL FIRE employee. From seasonal firefighters to administrators, office technicians to prevention specialists, warehouse workers to Deputy Directors, every CAL FIRE employee is connected through the CAL FIRE Training Program. 

Click the link below to learn about all the ways that CAL FIRE offers a training program unmatched by any other fire department.  
Cooperative High-Rise Training in Riverside County

When a high-rise building is on fire, all responding agencies must be on the same page. That's why the CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department recently collaborated with fire agencies from around the region on a multi-agency high-rise training exercise, with some visiting from as far as Tijuana. Trainings such as this one demonstrate CAL FIRE’s all-risk capacity and just one way that our department’s scope goes beyond wildland firefighting. 
Firefighting Fitness – Workout Like a Firefighter 
Physical fitness is a fundamental for any frontline firefighting personnel. CAL FIRE’s Wellness Program is essential in making and maintaining the fitness goals of employees with workouts like the Brabo 4319. Fire Captain Brabo passed away on February 1, 2022, and during his time in the fire service he was specifically passionate about structural firefighting. The Brabo 4319 Workout is all about discipline and repetition, efficiency and accuracy. The step-ups, tool operations, drags, and carries are designed to mimic what he taught so well.

All Fire Control students participate in the Brabo 4319 workout during their time in the academy and details of the workout can be found by watching the video linked above or clicking the link below. Check it out and see if you can complete the challenge.
High-rises, Roads, and Rollercoasters: Urban Search and Rescue

Recently, urban search and rescue teams from across California were invited to participate a mobilization exercise at the Legoland Theme Park in San Diego County. The exercise simulated a large-scale earthquake scenario, where rescuers were required to climb and extract injured parties from the rollercoasters. Such training exercises help CAL FIRE and our partners remain prepared for all-risk emergencies, where ever they may occur.
CAL FIRE Pilots Stay at the Cutting-Edge with State-of-the-Art Simulators

Virtual reality training using a helicopter simulator provides CAL FIRE HAWK pilots with real-world simulations of emergency incidents without the need to take to the skies. This fixed training device is cost-effective and provides a risk-free environment to achieve the necessary training hours required each year. Learn more about CAL FIRE’s Aviation Program by following the link below.
CAL FIRE Amador El Dorado Unit Prepares for Fire Season

How the CAL FIRE El Dorado Amador Unit is using prescribed fire to prepare for the 2024 fire year. 
Incident Command Training

CAL FIRE firefighters spent part of the winter participating in training exercises so that they are ready when a complex incident occurs.
Butte County Habitat for Humanity Home Receives ‘Wildfire Prepared Home Plus’ Designation 

CAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal staff were on hand in Paradise (Butte County) to celebrate a community building back wildfire-ready. 

What Motivates CAL FIRE?

Wendy Oaks is a Public Information Officer for the Amador-El Dorado Unit. Wendy loves being able to serve her community, whether it be during an emergency or a local gathering; it just happens to be a bonus that she gets to do this in the place she calls home.
Join us. We’re Hiring Paramedics 

Whether you’re exploring new possibilities, just starting out, or already a seasoned pro, we likely have a fit for you. Visit our careers page and then watch what it means to be part of the CAL FIRE community.

Respond to fires, provide emergency medical assistance, help the community – it’s all part of being a paramedic at CAL FIRE. Check out the video above to learn about the endless opportunities available to paramedics and steps you can take now to begin your career as a paramedic at CAL FIRE. View the link below to see open positions around the state.  

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