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July 20, 2017 - In this issue:
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I am currently focusing on developing other trainers to incorporate courageous follower training into their own offerings for their clients. I will be introducing some of these individuals in subsequent newsletters. This ensures that organizations who want to incorporate this training into their own leadership development programs will have access to qualified practitioners.
As part of this initiative I am conducting a two day training on October 17 and 18. This follows on the heels of the International Leadership Association 19 th Annual Global Conference being held in Brussels, Belgium on October 12 - 15. 

For those attending the ILA conference we are offering a deep discount of 75% for the courageous follower train the trainer program. I and others will also be presenting on different aspects of political and organization followership at the conference. 

I encourage you to give careful consideration to treating yourself to two high quality events that will enhance your own practice. 

What does Tango have to do with Followership? Visit Shana Fabiano's blog and view video.

Military Articles on Intelligent Disobedience have appeared in journals of the two premiere military institutions in the world:
  • The General Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth Kansas in the US
  • The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in UK.

There is increased recognition of the need to create cultures in which professionals use their judgment when implementing - or not implementing - orders.

I am honored to have been invited to speak at Sandhurst in October, which promises to be followed by a robust conversation.
Another global education organization has recognized the value of Intelligent Disobedience in early childhood education. The Council for International Schools (CIS) invited me to the Netherlands to conduct a day long workshop with their professional staff from around the globe on Courageous Followership and Intelligent Disobedience.

With over 700 member schools, CIS is beautifully positioned to influence the advancement of the ideas found in these books in school curriculums, teacher development and administration.
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In government service the highest loyalty must be to upholding the constitution and just laws.

Civil servants can come under pressure from political appointees in any administration to bend the law to political ends. In the current administration there is heightened concern in this regard.

Here is an article that advises civil servants of their rights and obligations and resources for helping them do the right thing.
"FOR ME, BECOMING A COURAGEOUS FOLLOWER, like becoming a good human being, is both a daily and a lifelong task. Visualizing a desired state helps to realize it. I share this meditation as one visualization of the state I aspire to. You may want to refer to it from time to time."

Ira Chaleff

If you haven't watched the video on how adults can teach children Intelligent Disobedience, I encourage you to do so and think about with whom else to share this - relatives, teachers, coaches, youth clubs, religious education programs and others.

My 2017 Calendar is full through to the end of the year. I am accepting invitations to give speeches and workshops in 2018.

Please contact me and let me know if you would like to discuss possibilities.