Traffic Update

Dear Northern Oaks Families,

Traffic is running smooth within the lots and children are being dropped off and picked up on time! Drop-off has now consistently finished at 7:50 am in the morning and we are averaging 4:13 pm (lower lot) and 4:17 pm (upper lot) in the afternoon. This will certainly improve as additional athletics practices, intramurals, and lower school clubs begin in the next few weeks. Due to this consistency and finishing the first two weeks of school, our grace period for late arrival and being late for pick-up expired as of 8/25.

A big thank you to our officers and staff for manning their stations during AM drop-off and Morning pick-up!

Another big thank you to the parents who are following directions found in the Traffic Guidelines.

We have continued to receive reports of frustrations outside of the lots due to some of our parents not following the traffic guidelines. We once again ask that all parents make a commitment to following the school guidelines being role models for our students, and displaying justice and goodwill to another, as we strive to be a flourishing community.

We have provided answers to some frequently asked questions that we received from parents who have graciously provided feedback over the last two weeks.

What will make our traffic run smoothly on the parent side of things?

Turn onto Jones Maltsberger at the start of your wave time and not before. Refrain from using the businesses and neighborhood to turn around, rather use the parking lot that our friends at the church have kindly allowed us to use!

Asking vehicles who have arrived before their wave time to re-queue has made a big difference in keeping both the upper and lower lots moving. Please arrive at your wave time and expect to be re-queued if you arrive too early. Do not ignore the faculty assisting with this task.

Clearly display or hang your placard on your rear-view mirror or have it clearly visible on the dash until you are leaving the lot.

Use the “Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down” signs: Thumbs Up means “I can leave the lot! I have picked up my student/students.” Thumbs Down means “I cannot leave the lot! I have not picked up my student/students yet.”

Communicating carpool and needs that may require accommodations to the pickup waves with teachers and Mr. Maiorano (lower) or Mr. Hoyer (upper). The more families that carpool the fewer vehicles in the lot! Update the CurbSmart account whenever appropriate to ensure everyone in your carpool is called at the same time.

“Zippering” on Jones Maltsberger Road, following all police and staff instructions is making our traffic run smoothly! Keep it up, Griffins!

What’s “zippering”?

Great Question! Here is a video and a diagram below. It’s essentially a “one and one” sharing of the lane or road when merging is necessary! This may prove helpful when turning onto Jones Maltsberger Rd. (as cars can turn left or right)

Who are those Police Officers in the morning and afternoon?

These are Off-Duty Officers who we pay to provide us with wonderful support. Many are parents of children here at Northern Oaks. Many of them are also the officers who help patrol our campus throughout the day.

Can I wait in the new housing development or on the dirt on the side of the road of Jones Maltsberger Road with my hazards on and join the line once they leave the church parking lot?

No, you may not. Waiting in the Church Parking lot until 7:10 am in the morning or your wave time in the afternoon is the best option to allow for a steady flow of traffic. Not only does parking on the side of the row “cut” into the line, but the line now must wait for you to come into the lane. It is also illegal to “park” on the side of the road. The side of the road should only be used for emergencies. This is also extremely rude and inconsiderate to the majority of families who are following the guidelines.

Can I use the business lots instead of the church lot to make a turnaround?

No; not only does this slow down the traffic process, but only the church has granted us permission to use its lot for turnarounds on Jones Maltsberger. All other businesses have reached out continuously for the last 2 plus years asking that we do not use their spaces.

We received notice on 8/25 from the owner of the Elm Creek Crossing Private Drive between the 1604 access road and Jones Maltsburger and feel that it is important to share as this could impact multiple families, who are currently not following our traffic guidelines, arrival to campus:

“I have now erected signs that state: “Private Road – Not A Pass Thru”. In addition, I installed speed bumps, stop signs, and no parking signs.  The speed bumps have slowed them from racing down the Private Road but they disregard the stop signs, no parking signs, and private road/no pass-thru signs. And they still cut through the parking lots. So, beginning next week, I will have police officers at my business park to help stop this traffic and issue violation citations as applicable.”

What about my Lower School child who is waiting in the classroom for a long time while I’m on the road?

During dismissal time, students are in their classrooms with their lead teachers doing their homework, spending time with classroom peers once work is complete, and using time constructively in preparation for the next school day! We have constructed the wave times with the intention of getting younger students or students who do not have to meet up with siblings out first.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through these challenges!

Craig Hoyer

Upper School Traffic Director, Upper and Lower School Assistant Safety Coordinator


Jonathan Maiorano

Lower School Dean, Lower School Traffic Director

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