Tradition-Based Natural Resource Management
Practice and Application in the Hawaiian Islands

Palgrave Studies in Natural Resource Management has just announced  the release of " Tradition-Based Natural Resource Management: Practice and Application in the Hawaiian Islands" by Ed Glazier. The book offers an overview of bottom-up management of natural resource management that can be applied globally; spotlights Native Hawaiian advocacy for traditional management of the island's natural resources; and provides a framework for resource managers, scientists and policymakers as well as indigenous populations. It highlights the Aha Moku system of natural resource management.

In the Foreword, Kitty M. Simonds, executive director of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, writes: "From the resurgence of non-instrument navigation and traditional voyaging canoes to familiar activities like baby lua'u and other pa'ina (celebratory feastings), Ed shows that continuing and reclaiming the indigenous culture occurs on many levels and involves both Native Hawaiians and those who have come to call Hawai'i home."

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