Rotary Clean Up Day - April 20

Provincial Housing Changes

In response to recent provincial legislation changes aimed at increasing housing availability and density, the Town of Qualicum Beach is undertaking the significant task of updating its bylaws and policies to meet these new requirements.


The new legislation mandates changes across British Columbia to zoning and bylaws that impact housing density and short-term vacation rentals. To implement Bill 35, Bill 44 and Bill 46, the Town’s Planning Department is working to fully understand the changes and make the required revisions to the Town’s current zoning.


To create a robust set of design guidelines under a tight timeline, the Town's Planning Department is collaborating with a working group of local architects, planners, residential designers, developers, and environmental experts. This approach aims to maximize the benefits of the required changes while minimizing potential risks.


Bill 35 - Short-Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) is set to take effect on May 1, 2024, marking a significant shift in the regulatory landscape for short-term rentals. Under Bill 35, property owners will not be permitted to operate a STVR unless the unit is on their primary residence. The operation may be in the primary residence, or in a secondary suite or accessory dwelling (laneway home, garden home etc.) on the owner’s principal residence. The legislation establishes a new provincial role in regulating STVR while providing local governments with stronger enforcement tools. The primary goal of Bill 35 is to regulate short-term rentals, converting more units into long-term rentals.


The Town's existing zoning regulations are currently more restrictive than the Province’s regulations and do not support STVR operations in residential zones, except for those designated as Bed and Breakfast establishments. Recognizing the need for STVR to support the tourism industry in Qualicum Beach, Council will consider broadening the existing regulations to permit some primary residences as permissible STVRs. The Town is not empowered to modify or exempt properties from the province's stipulation that only owner-occupied residences can be used as STVRs.


Bills 44 and 46 - Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing (SSMUH) requires significant updates to the Town’s current zoning bylaws to adjust for housing density. These updates must be completed prior to June 30, 2024. While the changes will allow for infill housing on single-family and duplex parcels, the Town is working with policy tools to retain the character of Qualicum Beach neighbourhoods while still achieving the province’s housing objectives. The updated bylaws will be brought to Council in early May and will include changes to permitted density, maximum height, minimum setbacks, parking requirements, parcel coverage and other land use controls.



  • Bill 35, 44 and 46 were given royal assent in November 2023.
  • The STVR legislation comes into effect for all municipalities on May 1, 2024.
  • The Bill 44 Housing Regulations requires the Town to update its zoning bylaws prior to June 30, 2024.


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2024-2028 Financial Plan Adopted

The 2024-2028 budget was officially adopted by Town Council on March 13, 2024. This future-focused budget encompasses a comprehensive capital plan designed to enhance our community's infrastructure and maintain its high quality of life.


Key initiatives in the budget include the Bay Street Slope stabilization; Phase 2 of Waterfront Expansion project to add parking and bike lanes at the waterfront; the critical replacement of the Beach Creek Culvert on East Crescent Road; revitalization of the ‘Bus Garage’ site; and the completion of the Beach Creek Viewing Platform and Walkway.


A typical household in Qualicum Beach will experience a 6.1% increase in their combined 2024 property tax and utility bills compared to last year, a measure taken to secure a sustainable and thriving future for our community.


To maintain and enhance the quality of municipal services, Council approved a property tax increase of 7.7%, equating to $164 for a typical home valued at $956,000. This adjustment ensures the Town can continue to provide reliable services, manage risks effectively, and support our contractual commitments. It will also expand capacity in key areas like Operations, Fire Emergency Services, and the Qualicum Beach Airport, as well as a slight increase in our Asset Replacement funding.


Adjustments in the Water and Sewer Utilities, along with Solid Waste services, will see a modest rate increase of $30 per average household, or 2.9% from 2023.


Taxes also support a wide range of essential services and infrastructure beyond our local community. The Town collects and redistributes 51% of taxes to other governing bodies, including the Province of BC (School Tax), the Regional District of Nanaimo, the Nanaimo Regional Hospital District, the Vancouver Island Regional Library, the BC Assessment Authority, and the Municipal Finance Authority.  


To read the full Financial Plan visit

Family Day - May 26

Announcing Family Day 2024! Sponsored by the Town and powered by dedicated volunteers, this event has become a cornerstone of community spirit, growing in popularity with each passing year.


The event is a full day of activities with something for all ages! The day includes a pancake breakfast at the Civic Centre, a street parade down Second Avenue, and an afternoon of activities, entertainment, and food at the Community Playing Field. The day then wraps up with a free swim at Ravensong Aquatic Centre.


Sign up as a participant or volunteer at

Cycling/Pedestrian Safety Bollards

As part of the ongoing waterfront safety enhancement, bollards have been installed on the shoulder of Highway 19A east of Bay Street. These bollards will delineate the No Parking areas on the waterfront and ensure unobstructed access for pedestrians and cyclists.

This work is a continuation of our Waterfront Expansion project to add parking and safety along the waterfront to enhance accessibility. Read more at

Employment Opportunities

The Town is seeking quality candidates for the following:

  • RCMP Detachment Services Assistant - Front Counter Permanent, Full-Time
  • Engineering Technician I - Permanent, Full-Time

Visit for details.

Climate Energy Navigator

Planning a home retrofit soon? There can be a lot to consider – Luckily the Home Energy Navigator program offers free advice and support from local experts. They will help eliminate the guesswork at every step! Visit to learn more and register today.


Spring Chipping Continues

Spring Chipping for residents WEST of Memorial Avenue started on April 1. Chipping is now complete for residents EAST of Memorial Avenue.


For more information visit

Dogs on Beach

To protect geese in migration, dogs are not permitted (on-leash or off-leash) on any public beach between March 1 to April 30. Dog owners may be subject to a fine of $100, as per Animal Control Bylaw No. 649.

Dogs are permitted on the street level walkway on-leash.

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