February 2021 | Issue 18
Is your family growing? Do you dream about having that extra bedroom, home office, or entertainment center? Are you looking to increase the value of your house? All of the above? A home addition is a great way to add the square footage necessary to indulge your creativity and improve your quality of life, but Builder Beware! Of all remodels and renovations, the home addition is the most complex and costly, so being fully prepared is exceptionally important.
A Fitchburg Kitchen Gets a Modern Makeover—Remodeled in Style, Function, and Flair
A modest-sized kitchen with a poor kitchen design, outdated cabinetry, and worn-out appliances made this space anything but functional and inviting. Our clients needed a new kitchen that was remodeled with style, function, and flair—especially focused on convenience and versatility. 

Sweeney’s design team worked collaboratively to design a new space that artfully blended new cabinetry, colors, and appliances and fit within the existing footprint.
Look Who's Talking About Us!
Thank you, John!
"Tim Sweeney ...helped guide us in exploring the viability of options and solutions to the goals we wished to accomplish in the renovation/addition to our home. It has been through Tim's years of experience, client forward approach, and relationship with city officials that we were able to make the hard decision that our lot would be too difficult to reasonably accomplish some priority goals... In early planning work with Tim, he was straight, honest, customer-focused, and had our best interests at heart."
—John E., Madison, WI
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