Why Do I Need A Security System?
Knowing your business is protected at all times is invaluable. For over 40 years, Quinlan Security Systems has focused on keeping your business protected from external intrusions, property damage and undiscovered inefficiencies. If you are thinking about installing or upgrading your security system, call us today!

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Top 4 Benefits of an Integrated Security System

While security systems were originally designed to keep people out, increasingly they're being used to help the right people get in and get on. An integrated security system is linked to other products and systems you have, such as CCTV, automatic number plate recognition and key lockers or HR and personnel programmes.

A Guide to Fire Alarm System Types

The wide choice of fire alarm systems available is broadly divided into "conventional" fire alarm systems and analogue addressable "intelligent" systems, each type best suited to different kinds of premises. They may be also divided into categories depending on whether their aim is to protect life or property, or whether they are manual or automatic.

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