School's starting and kids are back in fall sports, which means an increased chance that your child may experience some tooth trauma.

On our blog, discover the nine most common tooth emergencies we see at our clinic and what to do if you or your loved one have a tooth emergency. 

Dr. Elizabeth & Dr. Jeff
John's Success Story
  John's Smile Before

John came to us as an established patient at one of his routine recare appointments. Dr. Elizabeth noted decay around the edges of his expansive 6-unit bridge on his upper front teeth.

After further examination, one of the natural teeth of the bridge was showing signs of infection and needed to be removed. Dr. Elizabeth recommended John go through our records process so she could help John plan for a more stable, longer-lasting tooth replacement option for his front teeth.

Hudson's Success Story
A wisdom tooth that never grew in is a good thing: one less tooth to remove! However, being a child with a missing front tooth is quite a different story. Teenage years are often difficult enough without having to worry about appearance. With the emotional roller coaster of being a teen, we need to give our children any excuse to smile!

Hudson is a 17-year-old patient of ours who never developed his upper lateral incisors.  Here's how we helped Hudson fill in his smile.


Thanks for sharing your story, Hudson! We're so glad you're happy with your results! To schedule your consultation, contactEggert Family Dentistry today.

Thanks Terry For The Great Review!
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Teeth Grinding: Causes & Solutions
Teeth grinding causes and solutions
Teeth grinding is a common problem in both children and adults. It can take place in waking hours as well as while sleeping. Bruxism is a term we use to describe the habit of tooth clenching and/or grinding.

Lots of us carry some stress in our jaw muscles, and it's no surprise that stress can be a cause of teeth grinding, but there may be more to it than that. In addition to stress and anxiety, other common causes of grinding include an abnormal bite, missing or crooked teeth, and sleep disordered breathing, often diagnosed as sleep apnea. Additionally, alcohol and tobacco use are linked with a 50% increase in teeth grinding.

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