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New Alumni Night

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 1800 Hours

Connect with Fort Schuyler Alumni for an opportunity to learn more about the variety of career possibilities available to Maritime College graduates.

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Featuring an interactive workshop with

Annmarie V. Bhola '98:

How to Authentically Build Your Professional Network on LinkedIn to Land Your Desired Job and Kickstart Your Career

The maritime community is small and sometimes having a niche targeted audience can work to your advantage. As a new graduate, even if you have fewer than 500 people in your LinkedIn network, there are still ways to land the job that you desire. Some lucky grads get the opportunity to choose their new career based on multiple offers, but others are not as fortunate. The past couple of years has changed the way we are able to connect with people in our industry and with the right approach, candidates can cultivate career opportunities. This interactive presentation will help new grads as well as seasoned alumni.

Annmarie Bhola '98 will lead this insightful discussion on how to create your professional calling card and how to communicate online with succinct, sincere, and memorable outreach. Whether you are graduating this year or a seasoned professional, Annmarie will provide you with concrete steps to help you standout online. We invite Maritime College students, alumni, and friends to participate in this virtual event.

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Annmarie Bhola '98 has been on LinkedIn since 2007 and has steadily built her network to target her desired clientele.

During this virtual workshop, she will be sharing:

  • Insights on the algorithms on LinkedIn.

  • Strategies that will help both new and existing alumni.

  • Proven steps to authentically connect and potentially land the job you desire.

Following the presentation you will have the opportunity to participate in virtual "round table" sessions with Maritime Graduates who are industry leaders in the fields of Hospital Facilities Management, Shipboard Operations, and Leadership Development.

Headshot - Silva_ Anna.jpg

Anna Silva '98

Operations Supervisor at

Port Everglades

Headshot - Tumulonis_ Chris.jpg

Chris Tamulonis '08

Senior Director, Facilities Management at Northwell Health

Advocate for Young Facilities Management Professionals

Headshot - Cooney_ Bridget.jpg

Capt. Bridget Cooney '15

Captain with Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association

Currently USCG Unlimited Master-Chief Officer of the Liberty Promise with Liberty Maritime Corp.

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