Winter Market #8 | February 24, 2024
Eat Like the Locals
We love seeing Easton store owners and restaurateurs shopping the market. Rebecca from Book & Puppet and Co. is one of our most loyal customers. She always leaves with loads of fresh veg (or a tomato pie), And her big smile is proof that markets make you happy! Speaking of tomato pies and happiness - Cody's Eat and Sweets returns this week with his famous tomato pies. Grab one for the weekend - they're great for quick lunches or late night snacks.
Comfort Food
Mushroom, Curry, Barley Soup
From Wild Greens & Sardines
River Valley Community Grains is back this week and here's a hearty soup that will put their local barley (black or white) front and center. Seriously, their barley is the bomb! You can't get much more earthy than barley and mushrooms. Add some curry and WOW - you've got a super soup for these damp February days!

This Week's Line-up
  1. Apple Ridge Farm 
  2. AquaSprouts Farm
  3. Bizzle's Bites
  4. Breakaway Farms
  5. Cabbage Throw Farm
  6. Cody's Eats & Sweets
  7. Easton Salsa Co.
  8. Flour Shop Bakery
  9. Funny Farms Apiaries
  10. Jersey Pickles
  11. Mattie's Strudel Haus
  12. Mia & Maddie's Bakery
  13. Primordia Mushrooms
  14. River Valley Community Grains
  15. Roastwell Coffee 
  16. Salvaterra's Gardens
  17. Scholl Orchards
  18. Silverback Distillery
  19. Zekraft

Fresh Picks
Cabbage Throw Farm
It’s National CSA Week, a time to celebrate community supported agriculture and show your love to your local farmer!

Cabbage Throw Farm has 2024 Memberships available in three share sizes! Shares are free-choice, market-style and flexible. Start enjoying your share as soon as you sign up. Sign up in person at the market or skip the wait and register online or via email to set up your membership in advance. 

Vegetable offerings this week include microgreens, chard, spinach, lettuce mix, winter mix, turnips, rutabaga, carrots, specialty radish, kohlrabi, cabbage, napa cabbage, red & yellow onions, shallots, garlic, and Comeback Farm organic sweet potatoes. 
Salvaterra's Gardens
The return of Arugula!
Make Salvaterra's greens part of your cold and flu fighting arsenal! Spring mix, spinach, arugula (yes, it's back for a few weeks!), tatsoi, mizuna, tuscan kale, green kale, baby chard, and baby kale are all loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and your best defense this winter.

Grab some green cabbage and start practicing for St. Paddy's Day, or some nappa cabbage for easy wraps. Beets make a gorgeous hummus. Other items include carrots, scallions, turnips, radishes, watermelon radishes, and apples. 
This week Zekraft will be offering a bevy of Vegan options, such as their award winning Butternut Squash and Carrot Ginger Soups, amazing hot and cold Chais, various Healthful Snacks, and their Quinoa Apple and Israeli Salads. Meat lovers won’t go away hungry either with their Chicken Rice Soup, Thai Peanut Chicken, Turkey Maple, Southwestern Salmon and Smoked Gouda Salads. For desserts they’ll have Chocolate Pot de Creme and Berry Trifle and for Crepes a Smoked Turkey with Brie and Spicy raspberry and a Roasted Apple with Caramel. 

Check out what they’re offering for their home meal delivery service at
Breakaway Farms
Jalapeño Bacon & Cheddar Burgers are back this week!

The name says it all… Breakaway Farms’ 100% grass-fed seasoned beef is blended with just enough fresh jalapeños, bacon & cheddar cheese to bring you the perfect explosive flavor in every bite!

Order online at or shop the market this week, fire up the Black Stone or a well-seasoned cast iron pan & dinner is served in under 10 minutes.
Mattie's Strudel Haus
This weekend we are introducing a new breakfast strudel. Mushroom Swiss Omelette. Made with fresh cracked eggs, mouth watering fresh mushrooms and savory swiss cheese. This strudel will be a hit for breakfast, brunch or dinner! 
Cody's Eats & Sweets
Cody's back this week - with stacks and stacks of freshly baked tomato pies. If you missed him last month... don't let that happen again! Customers were raving about these pies and Cody's famous roasted Roma tomato sauce!
Apple Ridge Farm
Apple Farm's scones have a new round shape. 
Same great taste and farm-inspired ingredients.
This week's scones are Berry Chocolate Chip. Enjoy one with a cup of Roastwell coffee or tea!
Roastwell Coffee Roasters
Roastwell Coffee Roasters is thrilled to introduce their Drink of the Week: Strawberry Rose White Mocha Latte. This delightful creation combines the rich, creamy sweetness of Ghirardelli white chocolate with Monin strawberry rose syrup, all harmoniously blended with Roastwell's signature espresso. Perfect for savoring on a winter market morning, the Strawberry Rose White Mocha Latte is here to add a splash of joy and flavor to your day. Come visit Roastwell Coffee Roasters cool vintage coffee bar, grab some beans for the week and let the blend of textures and flavors brighten your day!
Winter Warriors - Don't Forget Your Stamp!
Fourth Saturday In February!
Remember, we award prizes for every four consecutive market days you attend, all season long!

Come visit us at the red EBT tent to receive your smiley stamp and prize if it's your fourth consecutive week attending the market!
Easton Garden Works Seed Swap
Free Seeds & Activities
Spring is right around the corner (hopefully). We look forward to seeing you at the annual Seed Swap held in the community room at Easton Public Market this Sunday (Feb. 25th) from 10:00 am to noon!

We have thousands of mini seed packets - a wide array of veggies, fruits, flowers, and herbs of all different varieties. If you have seed packets (or bags of your own saved seeds), bring them along. There will be a table to add them to.
What else will be there?
  • Activity tables with Easton Urban Farm, Buy Fresh Buy Local, Easton Farmers' Market, and the City of Easton Conservation Office.
  • Beginner's seed starting demo table.
  • Seed identification pop-quizzes.
  • Coloring sheets & free crayon packs.
  • Seed snack samples.
  • DIY seed bombs with native milkweed seeds saved from our gardens.

Can't make it to the Seed Swap? Mini packs will be available through pop-up community events of our Seed Library!
Thank you to our Sponsors
Easton Farmers' Market