October 15, 2021
NewsDepth A+ WINNERS:

Cuyahoga Heights Spanish Club
Congratulations to Mrs. Bennett and the Spanish Club for being recognized for spreading cultural awareness to their peers. Video
BEST Committee Meeting

The BEST continuous improvement committee meeting that was originally scheduled for Thursday, October 21 will be moved to Monday, October 25. The time will stay at 7:00 pm in the Bahner Ray Media Center. We want everyone to be home on the 21st to cheer on the Browns on Thursday Night Football!!! Go Browns!!!!!
Board Finance Committee Meeting

The Board of Education Finance Committee meeting will meet Wednesday, October 27, at 6:00 pm in the Bahner Ray Media Center. This is a public meeting and any interested parent or community member are invited to attend. The Finance Committee is also seeking additional members. Please contact Tracy Deal at tdeal@cuyhts.org if you are interested or have any questions.

The Finance Committee will be reviewing the Treasurer’s Five Year forecast that must be approved by the Board of Education and submitted to the State twice annually.
Board of Education Meeting

Next Wednesday, October 20, the Board of Education will hold a regular meeting in the Baumgartner Auditorium at 7:00 pm. Student of the month will be recognized along with the staff spotlight. The agenda can be found on the district website under the Treasurer’s tab.
If your student has been vaccinated, please follow the link to sign them up for the Governor’s Vax-2-School Scholarships. Students that are ages 12-25 years old and that have received at least one vaccination dose are eligible.
Angelo Bertolone has nominated Middle/High School Physical Education Teacher and the voice of Heights Nation, Joel Kovitch (aka BIG RED) for his enthusiastic, and passionate personality, and his fierce dedication to our school. Joel spends an enormous amount of time on-campus coaching basketball and announcing at school events as our very own "BIG RED."
Joel's energy and excitement are truly contagious and he has a knack for fostering school spirit!

An interesting fact about Joel:
Back in 2006, during his first year of teaching at Marion High School in South Carolina, Joel was the Varsity Head Coach of the Boys' Soccer team and was named Coach of the Year when they won the region championship. To this day, this is the only region championship in Boys' Soccer history at Marion High.
Mascot Selection Process & Timeline
The selection process for a new district mascot moving forward will be:

  • October - school and community survey soliciting recommendations for a new mascot
  • November - complete list of recommendations presented for school and community to narrow the list to top 20 or less.
  • January - Committee composed of volunteers made up of alumni, students, staff and community members convenes to narrow the list of 20 down to 5 possibilities.
  • February - Committees top 2 presented to Board of Education for discussion
  • March - Recommendation to the Board of Education for selection of new district mascot

As we move forward with the process of determining the new mascot for the district, the following criteria will be followed: References to Native Americans will not be considered

The facilitator of the BEST committee will oversee the work of the selection committee. 
Week of October 9-October 15

This past week we had 2 students test positive and 3 additional students quarantined. Our daily attendance rates in the District have been above 94%. We will continue to monitor our attendance and COVID cases and use that data to guide us in our decision-making.
Abbott Binax NOW COVID-19 rapid test kits are available for our school families. After downloading the free, companion NAVICA app, you will schedule a virtual visit. You then simply scan your code, a medical provider will scan the test and then guide you through the testing process. Test results will be available on your device in 15 minutes.

Please contact the nurse's office at (216)429-5885 (ES) or (216)429-5884 (MS/HS) and they will make arrangements for you to pick up a test kit.
Parent Informational Meeting

High School Cafeteria on
Wednesday, October 27th from 6:30 pm–7:30 pm


  • Tickets for Volleyball and Football can be purchased in advance through the Athletics website. Procedures will be the same as last year. 

  • There will be no cash sales at the gate. Tickets at the gate must be purchased through the website.

  • Soccer admission is free at-home events. Please understand that most of our opponents charge admission for soccer events at their schools.

There are many athletic/band events taking place as well. Please check the activities calendar and come out and support our athletes/band members!

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