Hi Leanne,

“Sometimes victims can be invisible...” As these words were shared by a woman who recently survived an abusive relationship, our team was reminded of the significance of the work we do at Victim Assistance Program. From every emergency that emerges to every effort to help survivors seek justice from their abusers, our goal is to not only provide relief in moments of tragedy, but to help each victim know they are not alone. 

Every life we touch, every resource we offer, every word of encouragement that tells victims we see, hear, and validate their experience, is made possible because of you. 

As you read this month’s Advocate, may you be reminded of the immeasurable impact your support has on thousands of individuals each day. Through the stories shared, may you see firsthand how essential your partnership is in empowering victims to take steps towards healing and hope.

Thank you for partnering with us as we stand alongside survivors, to give them the strength they need to reclaim their lives and begin their journey to recovery.

Yours Truly,

Leanne Graham


As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, the anticipation of summer fills the air. We eagerly await the joyous moments this season brings - from fun-filled nights to well-deserved vacations and moments of relaxation. However, amidst the excitement, it is crucial that we acknowledge the unfortunate reality of an increase in criminal activities during this time.

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“I had a criminal case against someone that I was in a relationship with and they were charged with kidnapping, rape, and felonious assault.” Watch her story now...

We are extremely grateful for the partnership and monthly support of Patricia Warner. She was inspired to become a monthly partner after attending a VAP meeting with her niece, previous Board Chair Jen LaFleur. We are excited to share how that first meeting made a profound impact on Patricia’s life

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Victims of crime require support and assistance year-round, and your help can make a profound difference in their lives. Get ready to maximize your impact and provide ongoing relief, help, compassion, and support for victims of crime. Read more...

Looking for a fun way to support VAP and enjoy the thrills of golf? If so, we are excited to partner with the Kaulig Companies Championship to offer you a unique opportunity to support a great cause.

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