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Designing a Compensation System? How to Ensure Success in Today's Marketplace
Compensation expert, Audrey Croley, from  Atwater Martin  offers tips on what a highly effective compensation model looks like and how it can affect your business success. Read more...
Ask the Expert with Leslie O'Connell, AVP, Business Development, COMPOSE
Q: What do compensation professionals do with the improved position they are in after they bring automation to their compensation management process?
A:  Well, there are a couple of positive changes that compensation management software users experience. Number one, they sometimes get a bump in their reputation for championing a process improvement. Number two, they spend less time managing spreadsheets and/or internal systems and/or HCM systems, so there is a productivity gain. Read more...
Did You Know...
Deferral, vesting, or split calculations are easily administered in COMPOSE. It can even generate custom statements, reports, or exports with the underlying calculation details.
According to Ventana Research
" Eliminating the use of spreadsheets for compensation is critical to mitigating mistakes and improve accuracy and effectiveness. Almost a quarter (23%) of organizations are using them exclusively and almost half (42%) use them often. The result is that almost a quarter (27%) find occasional errors leading to incorrect payments, and half find mistakes that are corrected before payment. Source: Ventana Research
@Katherine_Jones  @Mercer discusses the people-related barriers that stand in the way of successful #HRTech implementation on #HREOnline. 
Watch the video here...
NJCA Meeting Alert
You're invited to the next New Jersey Compensation Association meeting, Thu., Feb. 23, 7:30-9:30 a.m., featuring  Shannon DeHart with Korn Ferry Hay Group. Shannon will provide details on alternative approaches to new incentive pay design. Meetings are  held monthly at the Hilton Parsippany. Not a member yet? All are welcome to join. Register here...
""Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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