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Thursday, June 27, 2024

This Weekend @ AUUF

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Thursday 6/27/24

Peace Camp

5:30 pm Anti-Racism Team Meeting

Friday 6/28/24

Peace Camp until 4:00 pm

9:30-11:15 am Music Together Mountain song

12:00- 2:00 pm Freethinkers only at AUUF

4:00-6:00 pm End of Peace Camp BBQ for volunteers

Saturday 6/29/24

8:30-10:30 am AA Slap Happy Group

6:00-8:30 pm Private Rental

Sunday 6/30/24

9:00 am The Forum In- Person & on ZOOM

11:00 am Sunday Worship In- Person & on ZOOM

4:00 pm Anchorage Friends Meeting

Monday 7/1/24

3:30 pm Private Rental

6:30 pm Fireweed Sangha of Mindful Living- Private Rental Visitors welcome

Tuesday 7/2/24

4:30 pm Forum Planning on Zoom

Wednesday 7/3/24

5:00 pm Connections Team Meeting

7:00 pm Building & Grounds Meeting

Thursday 7/4/24

Independence Day Office closed

Half Portion for July

Planned Parenthood

Anchorage Pride Parade: March with AUUF!

Saturday, June 29, 2024, 11:30 AM

Delaney Park Strip

The Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a Gold Sponsor of the Pride Parade this year, so let’s show up in force to represent our UU values of love and justice!

Wear your “Side With Love” T-shirts and other festive UU gear, and come join us. If you forget your rainbow face paint and glitter, we’ve got you covered! We’ll meet up at 11:15 AM at the Parade starting point – more details to come in future announcements.

Any questions, please contact Becca Bernard at 907-244-3988 or Gwen Perry Crawford at 907-360-7209. A huge thank you to the Alliance for covering the cost of our participation in this joyful community event!

The Forum

9:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2024

Notes from the Forum

•  This Sunday, June 30, our speaker at the Forum will be Jane Angvikin-person at the Fellowship (as well as on Zoom for those who can’t make it there). She will be speaking about “A Life with Vic Fischer—Reflections on Statesmanship and Public Policy.” Vic Fischer, her husband of 42 years, would have been 100 last month. Jane has been a public servant and leader in our community for five decades.

         • Also, our speakers from last Sunday, and our Social Action committee, wanted to remind everyone that the World Refugee Day event is happening Thursday, June 27, from 4:00-7:30 p.m. at the Grow North Farm, 3601 Mountain View Drive.

Click here to join on Zoom.

Click here for Speaker's bio.

Sunday Worship

Live at AUUF & on Zoom

11:00 am Sunday, June 30, 2024

Click here to join on Zoom.

Upcoming Worship Services, Sundays at 11 am

Here’s what’s coming up for Worship for the next 5 Sundays. We don’t have Soul Matters themes in July and August so we’ve got quite a selection!

June 30, 11 am, In-person & Zoom

Pride Fashion Show

Rev. Lise, C. Thomas, D. Arashiro


Come dressed authentically as yourself in whatever way you’d like, whether you strut your stuff or not. Rainbow colors are encouraged but not required. We’ll also talk a little bit of Pride history.


July 7, 2024, 11 am, In-person and Zoom

World Forgiveness Day

Michele Champion, Lauren Rench


July 7 is World Forgiveness Day. Michele and Lauren will propose a scenario for forgiveness—what would you do? How does forgiveness heal? Who has the right to forgive? What do our UU values teach us about forgiveness?


July 14, 11 am, In-person & Zoom

Trans People Belong Here!

Becca Bernard, Maribeth Snell


Rebecca Bernard, will share how our values call us to learn about and advocate for trans folks. She’ll look at this through the lens of our newly named UU value of “Pluralism.”


July 21, 11 am, In-person & Zoom

Soap Box Sunday

Barb Clark


Come share what’s important to you! Barb Clark will facilitate this opportunity for AUUF folks to get on their “Soap Box” and briefly share their passions and concerns.


July 28, 11 am, In-person and Zoom

Spiritual Dimensions of Elvis

Dennis Arashiro, Michele Champion


Who knew that Dennis was such a big Elvis fan? He’ll share the important things he’s learned from Elvis over the years.  

Staff Vacations

Hi Everyone,

Rev Lise is going on a hiking trip in Northern California for the month of July.  If you have a pastoral care concern, please contact the office and Peggy will get you connected to our Care Team or Ruth Greenwood or Rebecca Bernard who will be available for emergencies.   You can also email

Hi Everyone,

Kelly Spring here, I am taking an extended vacation June 27- July 20. While I am out the website will not be updated, and Peggy will publish a simple TAOF July 11, in two weeks, after tomorrow's edition comes out. Deadline for the July 11 edition of TAOF will be July 9th. Sunday Services will occur as normal. You can check the AUUF calendar for more information & the Sunday Services/ Speaker's bio page. Thanks for your understanding. TAOF will resume weekly publishing on July 25.  

OMGosh!  Peace Camp is so much fun!

I got back from time with family in Oregon last week, and this week is all about Peace Camp (and getting ready for my July hiking trip).  Along with Michele Champion, our teen counselor Nora Houston, and some assists from Nelson, I’m working and playing with the middle school group—they recently named themselves the ‘Peaceful Frogs’ in honor of their green baseball caps. (Every age group at Peace Camp gets their own color baseball camp.  Teachers/helpers get purple.)  So far, we’ve ridden our bikes every day, and plan to continue that mixed in with a hike.  We’ve made survival bracelets (google it 😊), put up a variety of tents (including tarp shelters), we made trail mix and are going to experiment with a variety of camp foods, we’re learning about Leave No Trace and 10 million (okay, maybe it’s 28) things you can do with a bandana.  We have a great group of kids and if you can, stop by and just check out all that’s going on at the Fellowship this week.  I’ll try to post some photos on our FB page.

Last week, in addition to celebrating Nelson’s mom with family and friends (she died in February), I also attended GA virtually with my friend Tracy in Portland.  Our big push was to attend the business meetings because there was a lot of discussion about Article 2 of our UUA bylaws, and the revamping of our principles into values.  We discussed a series of amendments to Article 2, but generally folks liked the most recent revision as it was.  Still, it was a hard conversation because we UUs value our 7 (or 8) principles and how they have represented us so well since the 1980s.  Others saw the importance of renewing our mode of presentation—talking about values and even having a graphic representation was seen as a way to bring our content into our current times.  Fortunately, some of our most valued phrases from our principles have been incorporated into the description of our values or elsewhere in Article 2.  We voted on Saturday and our new version of Article 2 passed with 80% of the vote.  

This is going to be a big change in how we identify ourselves, and understandably many of us will grieve for what was.  I hope you’ll talk to me about how you feel—sad, happy, confused, whatever it may be.  And, this change also states to the world what we always say—we are a non-creedal movement.  Sharing in common how we treat one another and our interdependent web with dignity and worth is more important than having the exact same belief statementHere’s the most recent link to our new Article 2.  I hope you’ll check it out.  

Finally, I wanted to remind you all that I’ll be going on a hiking trip in Northern California for the month of July.  If you have a pastoral care concern, please contact the office and Peggy will get you connected to our Care Team or Ruth Greenwood or Rebecca Bernard who will be available for emergencies.   You can also email

Have a great month everyone!

Blessings, Rev. Lise   

Clean Carpets - We need your help!

Our carpets need cleaning, and this coming holiday week is a perfect time to do it! We have Allen Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning coming on Tuesday morning, July 2. Everyone's assistance on Sunday after the 11am service can help make the preparation of stacking chairs and moving couches and furniture go faster. Please plan on staying (or coming)!

We'll move everything back on Friday, beginning at 10am.

Come join us for an opportunity to exercise on behalf of your congregation!

Please contact Peggy Robinson in the office if you know youth who would be willing to help and earn a little money.

WhaleCoast Thanks and Update

Thank you to all the volunteers that made our June WhaleCoast hosting so successful! We made $13,220 by providing housing and a banquet for the 33 guests and 2 coordinators. With so many members and friends helping and working together, it is such a successful financial and relationship-building activity! 

The July tour is a slightly smaller event, as Anchorage is in the middle of their tour. Guests will come on the train from Denali during the evening of July 24, sightsee in Anchorage on the 25th, have our banquet that evening, and then fly out to Sitka the next morning. We are still looking for a few more hosts for the nights of July 24 and 25. Please contact Peggy Robinson at or the office if you are interested in hosting. Mel Langdon will be contacting everyone who has already signed up to confirm your availability. 

Unfortunately, Covid did infect some of the June tour participants and 1 host, as it did the last few years too. Maya is encouraging everyone on the tour to use masks when inside or near others. We are encouraging all the hosts to do the same, in your home, car, and other enclosed locations. We plan on having the banquet outside again. 


Two pilgrimages, two powerful journeys, Join us Fall 2024

Registration is now open for two Fall 2024 Living Legacy Pilgrimages!

The 2024 election season will be upon us before we know it. As you prepare for the outcome, come be inspired by the incredible work that happened and is still happening in Mississippi. Join us October 15-20, for 6 days and 5 nights in Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, Jackson, Philadelphia, Meridian, and Hattiesburg to learn stories of Freedom Summer, the Freedom Rides, the music and activism of B.B. King, and powerful racial justice efforts that arose after tragedy and resistance. Registration is open now! Learn more and register at 2024 Mississippi Living Legacy Pilgrimage.

Alabama Living Legacy Pilgrimage

And regardless of the 2024 election outcome, you’ll find connection with others and inspiration on the November 13-17 journey through Alabama. We’ll visit Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma on this 5-day/4-night pilgrimage focused on history and healing. Registration is open now! Learn more and register at 2024 Alabama Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

Click here to read more.

July 2024


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading provider and advocate of high-quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health care for all people, as well as the nation’s largest provider of sex education. Planned Parenthood is made up of many separate non-profit organizations across the country. While these organizations are tied by a central mission — to protect access to sexual and reproductive health care and education, no matter what — they are separate entities.

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