A Year of Tzedek
Things to do this weekend:

1. Rest / celebrate Shabbat.

2. Any number of things.

3. Meet someone from Mount Zion for a conversation.  

Why Conversations?

It seems too simple to say that conversations make a difference.  Yet I believe they are essential for the success of our Year of Tzedek at Mount Zion.  We don't necessarily agree about how to solve our society's challenges.  We may vote for different leaders to represent us.  All of us however, has a story about how we want this world to be better than it currently is today. 


We can learn a lot by talking with each other.  We spend so much time talking about the weather and mundane daily things.  How would it feel to get to know someone better by asking: 

  • What, in your life experience or your family's history, has most profoundly shaped your view of the world?  Or: What experiences in your life have most impacted you?
  • Which of the following values, spoken about in the past months, most speaks to you?
    • Yitziat Mitzraim - We were redeemed from Egypt; we know what it is like to be the stranger.
    • B'tzelem Elohim - We are all created in the image of God.
    • Tikkun Olam- The world was created imperfectly; we partner with God to repair.  
  • What drives you to work for a better world?

Reach out to one person in the congregation and find a time to talk before November 11th.  When you come to Mount Zion over the coming weeks, take a sticker that says: "I had a conversation".  Encourage friends and family to get to know at least one other person as well.  This is not easy for everyone, but it is so worth it.  It will strengthen our community even as we find purpose in our meeting.


If we learn to tell our stories effectively and can connect them to our Jewish values, this will begin to shape a statewide conversation of caring and commitment.


On Sunday morning, November 11th (see page 16 and the insert in the bulletin), we encourage you to help make this Year of Tzedek real by showing up.  Master facilitator Beth Zemsky will help us learn together and find areas of common concern.  We will see where our conversations lead us.


May this focus on tzedek inspire you in the way you need, to find your spirit of caring, and to bring that energy to our efforts as a congregation. To learn more, click here to see the November bulletin (look at page 16 especially) and click here to read my sermon from Rosh Hashanah about this Year of Tzedek.


Shabbat shalom,


Rabbi Spilker  


Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi