The spirit of To Serve & To Lift
Those who come to us in need are heavily burdened, their burdens often spurred by earthly needs. But if we only serve the temporal needs and forget the spiritual needs, we miss the most important part of every person we serve.
Every month brings a harrowing juggling act for her...
While her three children finally sleep, she sits over a darkened kitchen table, balancing which bills can be postponed the longest, to the least impact. But when she comes to us for help to pay the light bill, the path we walk with her opens new opportunities to take control of her life back from pending monthly disaster. Here's a snapshot look at how the Welcome Center helps renew the simple human dignity that comes with improved financial control.
He walks the empty streets of his small town, afraid to go home
He's afraid, because for him, home has for all his life been an environment of poverty, substance abuse, strife and abuse. But when a fellow parishioner brought his story to our Children & Family Service, it began a client path that not only offered physical protection, but a chance to break the cycle of pain that stretches across generations. Here's another impact Catholic Charities made in a client's life.
He never shied from hard work. Yet, his job prospects were dim
He grew up in a small Missouri farm town where hard work was never a stranger. But after temptation led him to years of his life lost in prision, he found it impossible to hold a job for more than weeks at a time. When he responded to a Catholic Charities job fair notice, he not only found work, he found a renewed understanding of the dignity of meaningful employment. Here's his story, and the impact we had on his journey.
This is what affordable housing looks like
In the third installment of this series on the four obstacles to housing stability – conviction, eviction, low income and disability – Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph housing director Jarrod Sanderson talks about some revolutionary attempts to improve the ability of working families to afford good housing.
Lessons he learned from a third-grade dropout
Set aside less than 10 minutes to listen to best-selling author and motivational speaker Rick Rigsby. A former award-winning professor at Texas A&M and chaplain for the Aggies football team, Rigsby tells the story of standing before the casket of his young wife, two small children in hand, completely lost and at true rock bottom. It was then a third-grade dropout he knew spoke three words that gave him strength to again lift his eyes to Heaven and to push onward. The man was a simple cook who never finished school. He was the wisest man Rigsby had ever met. He was his father , and his are the most powerful words you'll hear today.
Are you the part of Catholic Charities we've been missing?
At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph we’re searching for some heavenly help; angelic job candidates who not only meet the professional requirements we’re seeking but also eagerly respond, “Here I am Lord, send me…into the battle to help feed, clothe, comfort, instruct & counsel my brothers and sisters in need."

This is the work we undertake every day at Catholic Charities. Won’t you join our ranks?

Deaf & Disabilities Ministries Coordinator (Part-Time)
Promote acceptance & inclusion of people with disabilities and their families at parishes within the Diocese ( Click here for more information)

AmeriCorps Peer Navigator (Full-Time)
Work directly with veteran clients in identifying barriers to self-sufficiency. Must either be a veteran or related to a veteran ( Click here for more information)

Accounts Payable Clerk (Full-Time)
The accounts payable clerk ensures the accurate and timely processing of purchase requisitions, vendor invoices, and company allocations in compliance with agency policies ( Click here for more information

Administrative Assistant (Full-Time)
Provide administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer and as needed to other members of the Executive Leadership team. ( Click here for more information

Digital/Social Media Coordinator (Full-Time)
Work closely with the Executive Director of Marketing & Communications to establish, grow and monitor our digital presence. ( Click here for more information

Employment Specialist (Full-Time)
Provide employment preparation services in workshops as well as individually, including resume building, interviewing skills and interview etiquette. ( Click here for more information
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