October 2019
Highlights from my Rome Pilgrimage
Walking in the footsteps of Christ and the saints was a powerful, spiritually enriching experience. Being surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses affirmed all that we do at Catholic Charities, intensifying my desire to help serve the poor and vulnerable.
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?
If you’re one of the 10 million Americans who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, know there are steps you can take and ways to reduce your symptoms. Let our Welcome Center specialists show you how.
Adoption: Through the Years
Adoption has touched the lives of millions of people. Yet, the process of adoption has dramatically shifted over the last half century. Find out how open adoption can benefit everyone involved.  
Compassionate Curiosity: A Technique for Job Retention
40 million people quit their job in 2018. While reasons vary, one can not overlook employees leaving due to conflict with employers and co-workers. This is why Employment Services has added a new curriculum designed to increase job retention.  
Homelessness and Health
Poor health can be both a cause and result of homelessness. Find out how for most, being housed not only reduces the stress and symptoms related to health, but ultimately saves taxpayer money.
Music Lessons
What are the similarities between Gustaf Mahler’s Second Symphony and the work we do at Catholic Charities? Find out from our from our music aficionado, pianist and director of fun(d)raising. 
Origins of Halloween - EWTN Vaticano
It's a very surprising discovery but it is true - Halloween is a Catholic feast. Fr. John Wauck has evidence to prove it. Still, should parents let their kids go trick or treating? Are they worshipping the devil or pagan gods when they wear Gothic costumes? This and more on Vaticano.  
Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph has several opportunities for employment. 

At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, we're always searching for employees seeking to share their God-given talents and who have a desire to open their hearts to those less fortunate. This is the work we undertake every day at Catholic Charities. Catholic Charities has several available positions for candidates with a passion for our mission “To Serve and To Lift.” To view or apply for our open positions, go to our website at www.catholiccharities-kcsj.org. For more information, contact Melissa Watson, HR Generalist, at mwatson@ccharities.com or 816-659-8224.
BONUS: CCKCSJ works on a compressed work week
(Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm, with Friday's off!)

Family Development Specialist (1 FT) Kansas City, MO
Position Objective — The Family Development Specialist seeks to assist families through comprehensive case management and parenting education. Services focus on aiding parents in the healthy development of their children through education, developmental assessments of children, goal setting and attainment, as well as assistance meeting their immediate needs.

Accounting Supervisor (1 FT) Kansas City, MO
Position Objective — The Accounting Supervisor Assist the CFO in creating a compliant, efficient, and effective accounting/finance department. Manages relationships with users of accounting services, both internal and external to the Agency, in a positive, productive manner so the department is seen as a welcoming, key contributor to the organizations mission. To those ends, this position manages Staff Accountants to ensure the timely and accurate creation, review, and approval of accounting entries and financial statements. Helps ensure compliance with organizational policies, procedures and protocols. Takes a lead role in grant budget, billing and reporting processes for the Agency. Proactively communicates accounting information as appropriate throughout the Agency. Continuously searches for and implements process improvements.
4001 Blue Parkway, Suite 250 Kansas City, MO 64130 816.221.4377
1123 S. 10th St. St. Joseph, MO 64503 816.232.2885