Organize Your Content with Numbering

Creating content is important to any business in 2020 especially in a world that has gone virtual. Video and audio device sales have gone through the roof and many parts are on back order. It is amazing how many podcasts have started since January when the pandemic began. I already had multiple shows on podcast platforms, a television show, and since the pandemic began I have added another television show and a radio station. That doesn’t count the books and other material being published during this time. It just shows how much time is spent in non-pandemic times at functions, events, and maybe even a job, if you still have one of those.

Creating content is one thing, organizing it is another. In July we talked about reusing your content to get the the most mileage from the work you put into creating that content, but how do you keep it all organized?

Having a system for organizing your content is a must when you create a lot of content. For general projects I have always numbered my production projects as we often get multiple projects for one client. I have done the same thing when creating comic books, entrepreneurship books, and other content heavy projects. In the video below I offer tips on how you can organize that content so that you can keep it organized and able to find it again in the future.

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Watch the video on how I organize my content
App of the Month-External Hard Drives
It’s not really an app but more of a tip. When creating visual and audio content you will need a lot of room to store that content. You’re not deleting it are you? Once you’ve finished with your files and they have been uploaded they will start slowing down your computer if you leave them on your hard drive. It is worth it to buy an external hard drive so you can move the files off of your computer for safe keeping. If you need to find those files later the numbering system we talked about earlier can help you find them again on the external hard drive. External hard drives range in price from $50 to $500 depending on drive type and storage space. Your local computer store can guide you in the purchase of an external hard drive if required. Don’t forget to back up your files.

So I hope that helps you improve your content creation process.

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