November 2016
Photo of the Month

The November Photo of the Month features activities from the Down on the Farm Breakfast that took place at the farm on Oct. 8. We thank everyone who bought tickets and enjoyed an all-local meal of pancakes, ham, apples, yogurt parfaits, apple cider, coffee and milk. Participants also got to take a trolley ride to the farm and interact with our animals! Visit the album on our Facebook page to view more photos from the day, and we'll see you next year!

Cash Cow

There were no winners in our CA$H COW contest last month. Since no one found a $100 jug in October, there will be nine jugs marked with $100 in November.
Every month we mark several of our gallon milk jugs with either $5 or $100 under the label. Look inside the jug toward the label to see a "5" or "100". There are 10 jugs EVERY WEEK marked with a $5.00 prize. 


Enjoy our November coupon:

Spend $30 (after membership discount) and get a free gallon of white milk! 


Click to print coupon from our website. 


Say cheese!

DAY: Saturday, Dec. 3  
TIME: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  
LOCATION: Hansen's Dairy Waterloo, 3015 Kimball Ave.  
COST:   Free  
DETAILS: Get in the holiday spirit and treat your taste buds at the third annual Festival of Cheese! Sample our high-quality cheeses and ham, then place your orders for the holidays. Receive 20% off any cheese purchased during the event. There will be free peppermint soft-serve cones, Sidecar Coffee, and Hansen's hot chocolate and egg nog. There's even a yummy craft for the kids! For more information click here.  

Short survey from UNI students 
Hansen's Dairy is working with three separate UNI and Hawkeye Community College student groups this fall in classes ranging from operations management to social media marketing.

UNI marketing students would appreciate your help in taking this short survey so that they may learn more information about customer habits. Find the survey here. It only takes two minutes! Please complete by Nov. 13.  
Tasty tenderloins in Traer 
Congratulations to 1901 Chop Haus!

Hansen's Dairy products are sold at many great restaurants in the area. One of these local restaurants received an award for their breaded pork tenderloins!

The past 14 years, the Iowa Pork Producers Association has held a competition for Iowa's "Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin." This year's winner was Nick's in Des Moines, and runner-up went to 1901 Chop Haus in Traer. If you haven't been there yet, you're missing out! It may be a tough decision on which meal is your favorite, but we're partial to their version of our breaded cheese curds -- you won't be disappointed!

1901 Chop Haus
602 Second Street
Traer, IA 50675
Customer of the Month
Steve Schroeder    
The November Customer of the Month is Steve Schroeder of Waterloo.

"What drew me to Hansen's stores years ago was not only their commitment to excellence within their dairy products, but also their commitment to offering local and regionally grown/produced natural food choices," Steve says. "The knowledgeable staff continues to amaze me with their desire to answer questions, and I always feel as if everyone there truly cares about the vision of offering healthy, natural foods in the Cedar Valley."

Steve enjoys cooking with foods offered at Hansen's stores, and here's a meal he created recently using primarily those ingredients.   


"I put a large tablespoon of Hansen's unsalted butter into a cast skillet and brought butter to a light almost-boil. Then I added leftover quinoa over the hot butter. Cook on high for a few minutes then shut off heat and let sit. In a separate cast skillet, I cooked a bison patty from Waverly using a small amount of olive oil that Hansen sells. While cooking I added fresh tomatoes and peppers from my garden. Once the burger/tomatoes/peppers were done, I placed it on top of the hot quinoa and added a light drizzle of maple syrup, some lettuce and a small handful of crushed blue corn chips (all purchased from Hansen's)."

Highlights of the meal:  
  • The quinoa gets a great crunchy butter taste that is a delight to chew.
  • The chips supplied all the salt needed so I didn't add any extra at any point.
  • The syrup gives a nice natural sweetness and compliments the quinoa without adding all the sauces most people use.
  • This meal is best served still in the cast skillet as the flavors are enhanced -- plus, there is no plate to clean!
Thanks for your insight on mindful eating, Steve! Customers of the Month receive a $5 gift certificate to use at our stores and hands-on tour passes to visit the farm. Submit your entries at each  of  our stores in Waterloo and Cedar Falls. You could also be selected from your comments on Facebook.
Cow of the Month
The November Cow of the Month is Lecoon . She is 5 years old and has given birth to four calves -- all bulls! She is nearing 100,000 pounds of milk production and 3,000 pounds of butterfat in her lifetime.

Lecoon has earned the award of "Most Improved Behavior." Not all cows are nice to work with. Lecoon was an unhappy 2-year-old back when she had her first calf. She loved to kick and would only enter the milking parlor on one side, always refusing the other side. As the days and years went by, Lecoon realized that humans aren't so bad after all and has become a nice cow to work with. "If you are patient with cows, you'll get better behavior," says herd manager Blake Hansen. 
Order your cheese and gift baskets now
Are you wondering what to get for that person who has everything or needs nothing? 

A gift basket full of delicious and locally sourced foods can make a perfect gift. 
At Hansen's Dairy you can order a basket of products that will fit your needs. We can make a breakfast basket with pancake mix, maple syrup, Hansen's butter, Sidecar Coffee, Hansen's Cream, bacon, sausage, jams, honey, eggs and more! You can pick the items you would like or give us a price range so we can pick out the perfect items for your basket. Baskets are made to order so be sure to call ahead to give us plenty of time to get it put together. Items are limited to quantities on hand. 

Contact your favorite Hansen's Dairy location to order your basket today or call Jeanne at (319) 939-2187.
Try Pie holiday pies now available
Check out our expanded varieties of pies for the holiday season! 

Not only do Hansen's Dairy stores sell the raspberry, cherry and peach blackberry pies, now we also carry pumpkin, pecan and apple!

Try Pie is a social enterprise-structured youth ministry that uses employment as an opportunity to engage and equip young women for their futures.

Enjoy the spirit of the season and the power behind the purchase by buying a Try Pie. These pies are some of the best you can buy in the Cedar Valley!

Pies for the holidays or for any day! 
Getting a head-start on the holidays
Ready to order your turkey and ham for holidays? We have a few options. 

All turkeys are minimally processed, no antibiotics are given, and no basting ingredients or artificial ingredients are added. To order, stop by or call our stores in Waterloo (319-234-3309) or Cedar Falls (319-266-3044).

Bell and Evans Turkeys
Bell and Evans heirloom turkeys are raised on a farm in Pennsylvania. The turkeys are fed an all-vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics, and their meat is considered "light" by USDA standards. Turkeys are raised specifically for our order. As of Nov. 1, we have limited turkeys available in the 6-16 pound weight range. The supplies are limited, so call or come in to order soon. These turkeys are sold FRESH for Thanksgiving. 

Groothuis Farms Turkeys
Craig and Darlene Groothuis raise free-range turkeys near Nashua, Iowa. Quantity and size information for Groothuis turkeys will be available around mid-November. Please check with your preferred store for availability. These turkeys are sold FROZEN.

Hansen's Hams are once again available for  the upcoming holidays. We have contacted everyone on our call list; if you would like a ham and have not placed your order, please contact us today.  Order deadline is Monday, November 7.

Hansen's Hams are supplied from Webster City Custom Meats in Webster City, Iowa. They are bone-in, shankless, cured only with their own natural juices, certified hickory-smoked hams made especially for Hansen's customers. There are two sizes: half hams (7-9 pounds, serves 10) and whole hams (15-18 pounds, serves 20).

Uncured ABF (Antibiotic-Free) Ham 
This year we will be offering a limited number of Beeler's ABF Hams. Beeler's hams, of Lemars, Iowa, are bone-in, uncured and fully cooked. With limited supply, we recommend contacting us as soon as you know what size you need. We will have a limited supply of whole hams (14-15 pounds) and half hams (7-8 pounds). These hams are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like one, be sure to call your preferred Hansen's store and reserve yours today!

All hams will be available for pickup starting Monday, November 21.

NOTE: If you order a ham from the Cedar Falls store, you will pick it up there. Customers who order from the Waterloo store will pick up there. 
Cooking with Hansen's
Try this sweet potato recipe for your Thanksgiving meal. It was submitted by Joan Meany of Cedar Falls for Hansen's Holiday Recipe Collection in 2011, available for download here.

Sweet Potato Bake  
Yield: 12   
Starred ingredients are available at Hansen's Dairy stores.

Sweet Potato Filling:
  • 1 (40 oz) can sweet potatoes, drained; or 3 pounds fresh sweet potatoes, cooked until tender, drained, cooled and peeled
  • 1 cup Hansen's Dairy cream*
  • 2 eggs, beaten*
  • 1/3 cup Hansen's Dairy butter, softened*
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup crushed corn flakes
  • 1 cup finely chopped toasted pecans
  • 1/3 cup Hansen's Dairy butter, melted*
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
Grease a 9 X 13" baking dish or casserole pan, set aside. Preheat oven to 350.
Mash sweet potatoes in large mixing bowl. Add cream, eggs, 1/3 cup softened Hansen's butter, sugar and vanilla and fold together thoroughly until smooth. Spoon mixture into prepared baking pan.
Combine topping ingredients in mixing bowl and top the mashed mixture with crumb topping.
Can be prepared ahead and refrigerated for a couple of days before baking if desired.
Bake for 35 minutes or until warm throughout.
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