October 24, 2021 Edition
Time to Sell Your Business? BUT HOW DO YOU START?


If you're like many business Owners, before going down the road of selling their company, you want to know what's involved.

What are you really getting yourself into?

Do you really want to do this?

How about we start with lesson 1 from our online Course 1: Preparing For Your Business Selling Journey.

Lesson 1 High Level Insight Into Selling Your Business

Just sit back, relax and listen. Get answers to these questions and many more.

  • How do you get from thinking about selling to actually concluding a deal?

  • How do you get the best price/deal (it's not only about price) for your business? 

  • How do you find a Buyer?

  • What does the process include? 

  • And much much more.

Eric Gilboord, CEO
WarrenBDC.com & SellYourBusiness4More.com

If you found lesson 1 informative please click here to learn more about the other lessons in Course 1: Preparing For Your Business Selling Journey.
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