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April / May Issue of Clinics, Shows and more
There are a lot of activities planned at the farm for the 2022 season at Stone Gate Farm. But before you enter anything check out the Guide for Entering Competitions, Clinics, and Schooling. This document has important information including the various entry systems, required documents and more.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Entries are to be submitted electronically and pre-registration is required. The April and May activities are featured in this newsletter. The buttons below will take you to links for more information and how to sign up to school or more information on the various competitions or clinics.
Entries for the May 14 - 15 Horse Trials Open March 29th
Levels offered are Starter through Preliminary with FEH, NEH and YEH classes on Friday. Don't miss out on the 'early bird' discount, get those entries in before April 13th. Check out the
Horse Trials page for the Omnibus listing and much more.
Galloping, Pace & Steeplechase Clinic
aka 'GPS' ~ April 23
Picture you and your horse galloping together in balance and rhythm effortlessly shifting gears from an easy gallop at 350 mpm to a more serious pace of 450mpm or even 520mpm and know just what each of these speeds ‘feel’ like after practicing on a measured track. After mastering the gallop with the correct position, desired speed and balance; finish up the session by cruising over a few simulated steeplechase type fences....
Derby Cross ~ April 24

The Derby Cross will give competitors the opportunity to practice both their show jumping and cross country to help prepare for the upcoming season. The Derby Cross will be utilizing the large limestone and the lower sand rings with a mix of cross country and show jumping obstacles on reliable footing... > Read More

Introduction to Mountain Trail Clinic and Judge's Master Class ~ April 30

A great way to learn more about Mountain Trail and the Hybrid Scoring System that is used at Stone Gate Farm and Shenanigans Stables While geared towards those new to the sport, there will be something for everyone. There will be Demo Rides as well as Judges who will work with you to help you learn how successfully navigate the obstacles, understand what is being judged and how to improve your ride and scores... > READ MORE

Mountain Trail Challenges ~ May 1 & May 29 - 30
We're looking forward to hosting FIVE Mountain Trail Challenges as a part of the 2022 'Buckle Series' along with schooling / fun days. Click here for more information

Dressage Show and Fix a Test ~ May

The Dressage Show and Fix a Test is a great opportunity for horses and/or riders who are new to competing gain real show experience in a low key environment. It is also ideal for those who just what to improve their competition rides and work through imperfections they may encounter during the test... >READ MORE
Hunter Pace - Saturday May 28
The hunter pace is a nice long enjoyable trail ride with family or friends. It goes back to its fox hunting roots where riders had to hack to the hunt. They had to figure out how to get to the hunt on time with a horse that was sufficiently warmed up, but not too tired to hunt. Since the hunts generally started fairly early in the morning daylight was definitely something that riders had to consider as well... > > >READ MORE
Volunteers a Always NEEDED and Much Appreciated

Please consider volunteering at one of our competitions and earn schooling vouchers and more!! Not to mention our undying gratitude. No experience needed, click here to learn more