May 4, 2024---
From the Rector

Today is May 4th, Derby Day. Musicians honor it as Dave Brubeck Day (5/4, and all). Apparently it's also Star Wars Day! And I just couldn't help myself. Humor helps in stressful and anxious days.

The photo to the left (or above if you're reading this on your phone) is courtesy of our friends in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), with whom we are in communion. Being "in communion" with another Christian denomination means that we share mission, ministry, and Eucharistic practices closely enough to enable shared celebrations and exchange of clergy. The Episcopal Church is in communion with ELCA and the Moravian Church, and, happily, hopefully, soon to be in communion with The United Methodist Church (UMC).

This past week the UMC voted to be in communion with us. And in 2027 (because things move slowly in the Episcopal Church), we will have the opportunity to vote "yes" to this, as well, which we surely will. The UMC also voted to affirm the ordination of individuals on the LBGTQ+ spectrum, as well as to accept and celebrate the marriage of same-sex couples. It was a great celebration for them, after decades of disappointment, frustration, loss, and schism. But when the vote was held and this measure passed, joyous dancing broke out on their convention floor to the song "Stand by Me." It was a great moment and a holy one, too.

As we continue in our rebuilding and revisioning process, let us remember we are part of something much greater and expansive than our own parish. We participate in the Body of Christ, the community of those who seek to transform the world through community with God and each other.

Even in loss, anxiety, fearfulness, stress, and worry, there is joy to be found, laughter to be heard, and dancing to be done! Let it be so.

The TrinOVATION Team wants to hear from you! Please read the letter of invitation below, and then follow the link to fill our the survey. You may fill out the link on your computer screen, print it out, and bring it to worship on Sunday. Please put it in the offering plate or hand it to an usher. Click here for survey.

Sunday, May 5th, after worship
Update from Ken Grieshaber

New information: A report from the Penonni company about the condition of the ground underneath our building. And other things, too.

Sunday, May 26, 10:00 a.m.

Borderline Restaurant
(on Union Boulevard)

after worship
Join us for Trinity's Night Out at Coca-Cola Park as the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs take on the Buffalo Bison!

Date: Wednesday, July 10th @ 7:05 PM

Cost: $12 per ticket

Due Date for purchase: Monday, June 10th

For more information or to purchase tickets please contact Steve or Lynn
(call or text):  
Steve Filko       267-736-1109
Lynn Piccolo  610-462-2133
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Joanne Gulya, May 8
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Riza Taud, May 20
Ginger McQueen, May 25
Charmaine Roman, May 29


Sarah and Tom Molinaro, May 7
Karen and Bill Vitalos, May 29

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