March 4, 2022---

From the Rector . . .

My friendsI wish I could be like St. Paul when he wrote that he was “perplexed, but not driven to despair.” The past week since the Russian invasion of Ukraine has left me astounded at how brave people can be, and also despairing at how cruel some are. I think it’s important for us to be honest about how we feel, but also remember we are people of the Resurrection. Despair may crush our souls as we watch innocent people we cannot directly assist. But we cannot accept despair as the inevitable winner of our hearts and minds.

So I share with you words from The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, Native American elder and retired Bishop of Alaska. He posts a beautiful reflection every day on social media. I always find my thoughts, my despair and hope, expressed by his deeply compassionate and insightful mind.
Let my heart be a shield, Spirit of Mercy, that with every breath I take, I am praying for this madness of a war to be ended. Let your justice prevail, but first let the power of your love be released on the thousands who need your help. The mothers and children, the elders, the fragile ones and the fearless ones: open the doors of your grace wide to receive them, Spirit. Give wisdom and integrity to those who lead in us in every land. Let each of us do our part in this sad and longing hour, that future generations see how love is never absent, even in the deepest conflict. Do not let sacrifice go unnoticed or valor ever be forgotten. Let my heart be a shield, let it cover the ones in danger, let it protect the innocent. Do not let my words be in vain, Great Spirit, but quickly gather your people, gather them in your strong arms.
If my heart could be a shield, Ukraine would be safe already. But all our hearts joined together, our voices raised in prayer, will have an impact we may not immediately see, but which will, nonetheless, witness that “love is never absent, even in the deepest conflict.”

We are gathering on Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the Trinity Nave for a prayer vigil for Ukraine. Please join us for a quiet time of prayer, meditation, and mutual comfort.

Vigil for Peace in Ukraine

Sunday, March 6
6:00 p.m.
Trinity Episcopal Church

Join us for a prayer vigil for the people of Ukraine, and all vulnerable people everywhere.
Would you like to help?

Episcopal Relief & Development is partnering with Anglican agencies and other ecumenical partners to provide humanitarian aid in response to the refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. Partner with Episcopal Relief & Development by donating to the International Disaster Response Fund. Your support will help meet critical needs for people fleeing the violence including food, cash, blankets and hygiene supplies. Help today Read more about the response

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Sunday, March 13

Spring forward!
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Life Together
Hope Renewed

Saturday, April 30
Split Rock Resort
Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania
Come find your special place in the family of our diocese! Enjoy fellowship, workshops, and worship with others as we GATHER.

Trinity Episcopal Church is part of Convocation VIII of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem. Each Convocation is comprised of several churches located close geographically. The other churches in Convocation VIII are Cathedral Church of the Nativity; St. Andrew’s, Allentown; St. George’s, Hellertown; and St. Stephen’s, Whitehall.

Each Convocation has meetings from time to time. They are opportunities to discuss how we may together work towards the Five Priorities of the Diocese:

1) Vibrant and stable congregations
2) Racial justice and advocacy for the most vulnerable
3) Lay and clergy formation
4) Creating new faith communities
5) Diocesan partnerships

The next meeting of Convocation VIII is Thursday, March 10, at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. We will get a preview of the upcoming Gather 22 event on April 30

Please attend! It would be great to see Trinity equal other parish's attendance at these important Diocesan gatherings.

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The First Sunday in Lent

March 6, 2022

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