February 23, 2024---
From the Rector

Take a look at the photo. You will see Chris Martocchio inviting all Trinity who are child-adjacent to come to church and bring the kids! There is room for restless children to sit and play at the back, sometimes with Chris, but parents may also just bring their kids back there and sit with them too, while still being able to engage in the service.

As we move forward in the Christ Church space we have so graciously been offered, there may be other ways we will make space for children. But for now, you may bring your children and let them experience church this way.
In other news, faithful volunteers like Rick Weaver (at left, below) and Joy Smith (at right, below) gave many hours of their time last week to help in packing, transferring, and storing items for safe-keeping during this time of building assessment and potential repair.

Other volunteers included Garry Applegate, Cliff Carr, Steve Filko, Bob Hornyak, Jan and Flex Illick, Sara Klingner, Marcie Lightwood, Sheri and John Majczan, Sally McIntosh, Ivan Martin, Lucie, Lou, and Chris Martocchio, Sandy Mesics, Annie Szmania, and Glen Walls.

The parish hall looks much better and more back to normal (whatever that may mean!) than it did prior to the hard work of our volunteers. There is still more to be done, but we are so grateful for the generosity of time and spirit offered by these wonder Trinity parishioners!
This Sunday, Ken Grieshaber will give another update on the building process/mitigation after worship at 8:30 a.m. We will provide a microphone this time so he can be better heard!

We hope soon to be able to have fellowship time after worship on Sunday mornings. If you would like to be part of the hospitality team for arranging refreshments, please email Kay (copying me) at churchadmin@trinitybeth.org to let us know.

Keep our church, both building and people, in your prayers.

Trinity's Sunday worship services take place this week at 8:30 a.m. at Christ UCC.

Limited parking may be available in Trinity's parking lot. You may also park in the James Funeral Home parking lot, 527 Center Street, right next door to Christ UCC. Otherwise, please park on the street.

We are so grateful to Christ UCC for their generosity and flexibility in helping us in our time of need.
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Pledges and Offerings
Please do not hesitate to send your pledges and gifts to the church via snail mail (USPS). We have made arrangements with the Post Office to pick up all mail, so when you address anything to Trinity Church, it will be received!

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Livestreaming at Trinity

No livestreaming available for services at Trinity Episcopal Church for the foreseeable future.

When this changes, we will be sure to let you know!
Prayer and Pastoral Care
To add a name to our prayer list, inform us through our email account created especially for this purpose.
If you tell me (Pam) in person, I am likely to forget, so using our email is the best way to make sure we pray for you in the Prayers of the People. Email: prayerlist@trinitybeth.org
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For Pastoral Care Emergencies, please call the church at (610) 867-4741, x 325. You may leave a message after hours and that message will be sent directly to Pam’s personal cell phone. Pams personal cell phone number is also in the church directory and may be found in Realm. Please be assured that we want to be present to you at times of pastoral need and will offer assistance and support in any way possible.

Sermons may be listened to via audio. The last one recorded was Christmas Eve Service, December25. These sermons were recorded and available on the website.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

Allison Vail, February 2
Mark Heimbach, February 5
Linda Cortis, February 10
St. Patricia-Michael Hauze, February 12
Robert Hornyak, February 12
Lynn Piccolo, February 15
Jill Weaver, February 17
Caroline Vail Emmons, February 18
Shaira Taud, February 18
Sue Ditterline, February 20
Glen Walls, February 27


Jan and Flex Illick, February 7

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