Moderated by
J. Michael Collins

Back-to-Back 2-Day Panel Series with Voice Over Business
& Marketing Experts ...
  • Maria Pendolino
  • Brad Hyland
  • Brigid Reale and
  • Marc Scott

to GROW your VO Career
In this new VoiceOverXtra webinar, top voice actor/coach J. Michael Collins leads strategy discussions with four of the voice over industry's hottest voices - each of whom is also an expert in what it takes to GROW your VO business and career.
JANUARY 12, 2022
Starts at 3 pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific
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Top voice talents and "booking machines" Maria Pendolino and Brad Hyland will reveal and discuss their VO business strategies ... and give you tips to use right now to maximize your efficiency and streamline your daily process and workflow. The Best Practices you'll learn here will help ensure that you run your business in a manner that leads to constant work in voice over.
plus video and audio RECORDINGS
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JANUARY 13, 2022
Starts at 3 pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific
Receive Access to Live Online Event plus Video & Audio Recordings
Top voice talents and marketing superstars Brigid Reale and Marc Scott will reveal and discuss their own tried-and-true VO marketing strategies ... and share marketing promotions that work for them, which can also help you find steady voice over work. The advice you'll take home will help propel your career to the next level.
plus video and audio RECORDINGS
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Congratulations, J Michael Collins!
Twelve 2021 SOVAS Voice Arts Awards!!
J. Michael Collins is a multi-award-winning and accomplished voice actor, coach and voice over demo producer, who in more than 20 years as a voice actor has worked with many of the world's largest companies, brands, sports leagues and organizations. A leading voice over industry authority, J. Michael is a multi-time Voice Arts Award winner as a voice actor, demo producer, script writer, and casting director. His students have booked thousands of voice over jobs by applying his techniques.
J. Michael is also a frequent speaker at voice over conferences and events, as well as trainer in numerous VoiceOverXtra webinars on all aspects of voice over.
Maria Pendolino is an award-winning voice actor. An entertainment industry professional for more than 15 years, Maria began her acting career on stage performing in musical theatre and she has also appeared in films and television.

Today, from her dedicated home voice over studio, she records commercials, narrations, animation, video games, e-learning, imaging, telephony, documentaries and more.

She's also a sought-after conference presenter and coach in all areas of "the business of voice over" and is the go-to expert for quoting and negotiation.
Brad Hyland was born on April 1st, 2016. Well, not really - but that’s what he’ll say is when he really started living! That’s the day he started full-time as a voice actor - after quitting a first career that spanned 35 years. His first formal VO training actually started nearly 30 years ago - working hard on all aspects of business with one-on-one coaching and master classes. Brad works from his home studio near Washington DC, serving customers all over the world. He can tackle just about any assignment with his versatile voice and ability to take direction.The core of his business however, is commercial, corporate and film narration, as well as explainers and voice messaging of all kinds.He is a multiple One Voice award winner and a 2021 SOVAS Voice Arts Award nominee for Best Best TV narration. He loves keeping in touch with the voice over community and has begun to share his expertise by mentoring and coaching others in the industry with his tips for auditioning, booking and connecting. 
Brigid Reale is the dictionary definition of hard-working voice over entrepreneur. For the last 8 years, this Emmy and SOVAS Voice Arts Award-winning, and One Voice nominated voice actor and founder of Reale Voices has cultivated her career from mere aspiration to thriving voice over business. She has lent her talents to some of the top brands across the globe, voicing everything from broadcast commercials, PSAs, and films, to non-broadcast corporate branding films, explainer videos, e-learning narrations, and IVR systems. She believes that building genuine, trustworthy relationships through authenticity is the secret sauce for a successful career in voice over.
Brigid also loves "paying it forward" and has presented at the MAVO Conference, One Voice Conference, and most recently VO Atlanta. As both a voice over artist and mentor, she regularly shares her knowledge with the VO community, from veterans to beginners, helping them understand and navigate the creative world of networking. 
Marc Scott has been involved in the broadcast / voice over industries for more than 20 years, and working as a full-time voice actor since 2012.

"As I've learned how to grow my business, I've developed a passion for helping others grow theirs," he says, "and have followed this passion in creating the VOpreneur community and coaching voice actors as their guide through the business of voice over."
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