I flew down to Miami recently to continue my advisory work with a favorite client whose business was recently acquired and integrated into a large (think, Fortune 20) company. It is an exciting time for this executive, his team, and the entire organization. Still, there is naturally some uncertainty in the air and more than a little disruption to the daily rhythm of business.

Here are three key pieces of advice I provide to senior executives and teams as they lead their organizations through change:

1. Communicate early and often. Be as specific and transparent as you can. If you can't share all the details right away, provide context instead, and assure your organization that more complete information will follow.

2. Be honest with yourself. How are you feeling about the changes afoot? Are you excited, worried, or perhaps conflicted? Take a strategic pause from your busy days to reflect on the impact these changes are likely to have on you, your team, and perhaps your family and friends.

3. Control. Influence. Accept and Adapt. If you are spending precious time and effort (not to mention emotional bandwidth) on things over with you have no control, stop. It is simply a waste of time and energy. Instead, try this: Influence decisions and actions where you can, and identify ways to genuinely accept and adapt to those things over which you have neither influence nor direct control.

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To your continued success!

Dr. Liz

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