May 2024 Newsletter

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President's Report

TPID Annual Benefit on May 19

Help Elect NYS Assembly Candidate Micah Lasher

Important Primary Election Updates

Update on Long Island Congressional Seats

How Mayor Lindsey Dealt with Crime in the Subway

May Club Meeting

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Youth Hostel, 891 Amsterdam Ave. at

W. 103rd St., Ballroom

 *** 7:30 pm ***

The City and State Budgets:

Crucial Issues Now and

Moving Forward

Scott Stringer

Former NYC Comptroller

George Sweeting

Senior Fellow for Fiscal Policy

The Center for New York City Affairs

The New School


7:15 pm: Sign in

7:30 pm: Call to Order

Speaker: George Sweeting, Senior Fellow, The New School

Questions and Answers

Speaker: Former NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer

Questions and Answers

District Leader Report

State Committee Report


Masks will be available for free at the Hostel

To hear an audio recording of the April club meeting, click here.

President's Report

By Lorraine Zamora

Petitioning is over and warmer weather has been predicted, at least for this week. I am grateful! Now we can look forward to the many exciting activities we have planned for May and June.


Coming up first is our Club meeting at the Hostel on May 8. It will feature former City Comptroller Scott Stringer and New School Senior Fellow George Sweeting in a lively discussion of this year’s City and State budgets and what they mean for the future of New York. You won’t want to miss it! 


Next up is our annual spring benefit at the Ellington Café on Broadway and West 105th Street on Sunday, May 19, from 4:00-6:00 pm. We will be presenting prestigious awards to City Comptroller Brad Lander, NYS Assembly Member Danny O’Donnell, and the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group. Thanks to everyone who is sponsoring and supporting our event this year. Please mark your calendars and join us.


Also in May and June, Three Parks will be hosting sidewalk tables on Broadway to “Get-Out-The-Vote” (GOTV) for the Primary Election on June 25. ...

Read More.

Three Parks Independent Democrats

Annual Benefit

Sunday, May 19, 4:00 to 6:00 PM


Celebrating 49 years of championing progressive causes and city, state, and national Democratic leaders. Join us at

W. 105th St. and Broadway, NW corner


Ted Weiss Public Service Award

Hon. Brad Lander

New York City Comptroller

Cynthia L. Doty Community Service Award

Bloomingdale Neighborhood

History Group

Special recognition for 22 years of service to our community

Hon. Daniel J. O'Donnell

NYS Assembly

Watch your e-mail for more details.

Become a sponsor and have your

name on the invitation.

  • To contribute online by PayPal or credit card, click here. Follow the online instructions.

  • To contribute by check, click here. You will get a form to print and mail with your check.

The minimum contribution to attend this event is $50.

Help Get Out the Vote for Assembly Candidate Micah Lasher and Other Candidates in the

June 25 Primary

As the June 25 Primary Election approaches, it's time to get out the vote for our endorsed candidates -- particularly NYS Assembly candidate Micah Lasher and our candidates for Judicial Delegates in the 69th Assembly District. In a hyper-local race like this one, outreach to every voter really makes a difference! To that end, Three Parks is planning the following:

  • Saturdays May 11, June 1, and June 15: Days of Action in coordination with the Lasher campaign, featuring sidewalk campaign tables on Broadway. Watch your email for details about specific times and locations, and make plans to join us!

Other campaign activities are also planned for the coming weeks. Watch your email for details, and make plans to help us reach out to our neighbors and friends. Let's get our endorsed candidates across the finish line!

Important Primary Election Updates


  • Voter registration deadline: The Board of Elections must receive registration applications by June 15. If you have a valid ID from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you can register to vote online. Click here to apply.

  • Change of address deadline: The Board of Elections must receive address changes by June 10 in order to be processed for the Primary. You can use the voter registration form to change your address.

  • Absentee ballot deadline: The Board of Elections must receive absentee ballot applications by June 15. To request an absentee ballot application online, click here.

  • Early voting: Saturday, June 15 to Sunday, June 23

Ballot Update: Candidates Endorsed by

Three Parks Democrats

  • Endorsed candidates on the ballot if you vote in the 69th AD: NYS Assembly candidate Micah Lasher; Judicial Delegate candidates Alan Flacks, Elizabeth Kellner, Aaron Mendelsohn, Josh Pepper, and Deborah Thomas.

  • Nominations uncontested, endorsed candidates NOT on the ballot: US Congress Members Adriano Espaillat and Jerry Nadler; NYS Senators Cordell Cleare and Brad Hoylman-Sigal; Democratic State Committee Members Lynn Thomas and Douglas Kellner; District Leader (F) Theresa Canter; Civil Court Judges, Alternate Judicial Delegates.

Teach-in for Judicial Delegates

Three Parks and other Manhattan Democratic Clubs are sponsoring a Zoom teach-in on the evening of May 22 for Judicial Delegates and anyone interested in running for Delegate. Topics discussed will include becoming a Judicial Delegate and participating at a Judicial Convention. If you are interested in attending this event, contact District Leader Daniel Marks Cohen for more information.

Take Back the House: Update on Long Island Congressional Seats

By Wendy Diller

Tom Suozzi’s win in NY’s Congressional District 03 special election on Feb. 13 to replace George Santos, followed a few weeks later by the finalization of New York State’s controversial congressional district election maps, clarifies the 2024 political landscape in crucial swing districts on Long Island. 

New York is expected to play a key role in determining which party controls the House of Representatives next year, with six seats considered in play in the narrowly divided Congress. Getting voters to the polls will be key, especially on Long Island, which has a sizable population of independent voters, who lean moderate.

Here are preliminary takeaways, based on news reports and discussions with Long Island Democratic groups.

NYS CD3: Suozzi, who won by a 54% to 46% vote against Republican nominee Masi Pilip on Feb. 13, will not face a Democratic primary opponent on June 25. In the November election, he is likely to be modestly helped by the final NYS congressional maps, which resulted in few significant changes statewide, but importantly in CD-03, transfers portions of one Democratic stronghold, in Huntington, into CD-03 from CD-01, and removes Massapequa, a Republican stronghold, from CD-03 to CD-01. Suozzi, a three-term congressman from Nassau County who gave up his seat to primary Gov. Kathy Hochul, appears to be running a strong campaign with $1.1 million in cash, compared to four Republican candidates who are vying to oppose him and have just begun fundraising, according to Newsday.


NYS CD4: CD-04 is likely to be a battleground. The leading Democratic candidate there, Laura Gillen, a former Hempstead Town supervisor, lost in 2022 by a narrow 3% to Republican Anthony D’Esposito, and a rematch is anticipated in 2024. ...

Read More.

How Mayor Lindsey Dealt with Crime in the Subway

By Alan Flacks

Recently there has been a lot of talk about crime in the subway. Let me relate how Mayor John V. Lindsey successfully dealt with it.

When John Lindsay was Mayor, and the Transit Police was a small unit and not then part of the New York City Police Department, the Mayor transferred about 4,000 of the "surface" N.Y.P.D. police to the subways and buses in the five Boroughs to create a fourth platoon every night from 8:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. The cops didn't like it, but they did their job, going home after 4:00 A.M. A uniformed police officer was put in every station and on every train (and some buses). On the subway, the officer had to move from one car to another after each station stop. At each station, the officer looked out at the platform to see if things looked OK before signaling the train conductor to close the doors and move to the next station. 

In the stations, one police officer--one, not two (with exceptions such as Times Square and 74th St. & Roosevelt Ave.)--patrolled the station: all platforms, mezzanines, booth attendants, and the streets near the entrances. 

The 4th Platoon officers varied their dinner hours and breaks. Again, the police didn't like the hours, but they did their job, and passengers looked relieved when they saw a uniformed police officer enter their subway car or walking the station platform. It worked.

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