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President's Report

Save the Date! TPID Annual Benefit on May 19

TPID Board of Directors 2024-2025

Thanks to All Petitioners

Republicans Raise Immigration to Top Issue

April Club Meeting

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Youth Hostel, 891 Amsterdam Ave. at

W. 103rd St., Ballroom

 *** 7:30 pm ***

Crime and Public Safety Strategies

in the City and State

NYS Sen. Cordell Cleare

NYS Senate District 30

Prof. David M. Kennedy

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Co-founder, National Network for Safe Communities


7:15 pm: Sign in

7:30 pm: Call to Order

Speaker: NYS Sen. Cordell Cleare

Questions and Answers

Speaker: Prof. David M. Kennedy

Questions and Answers

District Leader Report

State Committee Report


Masks will be available for free at the Hostel

President's Report

By Lorraine Zamora

At our Club meeting on March 20, the Three Parks Board of Directors was elected for 2024. Thanks to the membership for your vote of approval. I heartily welcome our two new Board members, Liza Cooper and Paul Froehlich, and also our new Membership Director Josh Pepper and our new State Committee member Doug Kellner–-and I am looking forward to working with our extraordinary Board in this particularly critical year.


As of March 31, petitioning is over and, once again, Three Parks gathered more than enough signatures to get its endorsed candidates on the June primary ballot; our final total was more than 1,570 signatures!


My thanks to Theresa Canter, Dan Cohen, Chuck Wall, Lynn Max and Steve Max for the extraordinary job they did to organize and coordinate the gathering of petition signatures. And my thanks to Doug Kellner, our new State Committee member, for helping us bind the petitions and complete the cover sheets required by the BOE.


Just a reminder that our annual benefit will be on Sunday, May 19, at the Ellington Café from 4:00-6:00 pm. We will be presenting awards to NYC Comptroller Brad Lander, NYS Assembly Member Danny O’Donnell, and the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group. Please mark your calendars and join us.


Again, thanks to everyone at Three Parks for all that you do! As they say, it takes a village. 

Save the Date!

Three Parks Independent Democrats

Annual Benefit

Sunday, May 19, 4:00 to 6:00 PM


Celebrating 49 years of championing progressive causes and city, state, and national Democratic leaders. Join us at

W. 105th St. and Broadway, NW corner


Ted Weiss Public Service Award

Hon. Brad Lander

New York City Comptroller

Cynthia L. Doty Community Service Award

Bloomingdale Neighborhood

History Group

Special recognition for 22 years of service to our community

Hon. Daniel J. O'Donnell

NYS Assembly

Watch your e-mail for more details.

Become a sponsor and have your

name on the invitation.

  • To contribute online by PayPal or credit card, click here. Follow the online instructions.

  • To contribute by check, click here. You will get a form to print and mail with your check.

The minimum contribution to attend this event is $50.

TPID Board of Directors


The following were elected at the March 20 Club meeting:


President, Lorraine Zamora

1st Vice President, Daniele Gerard

2nd Vice President, Lynn Max

Treasurer, Ellen Flax

Recording Secretary, Michael Stearns

Corresponding Secretary, Chuck Wall

Membership Director, Josh Pepper

Special Events Director, Lois Safian

Program Director, Wendy Diller



Raven Brown

Corinne Constantine

Liza Cooper

Tim Eckersley

Paul Froehlich

Mary Ann Marks

Steve Max

Miriam Rabban

Irene Shrier

Daniel Tsadok

Douglas Whelan

Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Make This Year's Petitioning a Success!

Many, many thanks to all the Three Parks members and friends who braved the cold and rainy March weather to gather petition signatures! At the end of the petitioning period, Three Parks submitted more than 1,570 signatures to the Board of Elections.

Individual thanks are due to our champion petitioners. They are listed below, along with their awesome signature totals.

Number of Signatures

Mary Ann Marks

Chuck Wall

Michael Stearns

Lynn Bender Max

Elaine Hazzard

Steve Max

Lorraine Zamora

Theresa Canter

Marianne Barcellonna










31 - 40 signatures: Daniel Marks Cohen, Timothy Eckersley, Miriam Rabban, Deborah Thomas

21 - 30 signatures: Frederick L. Churchill, Vera Edelstein, Elizabeth Kellner, Susan Maderer, Judy Wood

1 - 20 signatures: Margaret Beels, Raven Brown, Lydia Darrow, Alan Flacks, Ellen Flax, Brian Krist, Linda Rousseau, Lois Safian, Mary Jane Thompson, Douglas Whelan, Eric Wursthorn, Anthony Zak

A Sickening Ambush Makes Headlines as

Republicans Raise Immigration to Top Issue

By Steve Max

More Lies. Two million views on X (Twitter)! The Trump fraudsters sank to a new low in their campaign to convince voters that Joe Biden invited an army of migrant terrorists to besiege America. In a Page One story, the March 21, 2024 New York Times describes a Republican operative and video crew traveling to the San Vicente migrant camp in Panama. There, as you will see, they ambush a 20-year-old Somali refugee, Ayub Ibrahim, and in a highly edited interview make him appear to confess to being a criminal and to say that he likes Joe Biden and is coming to America because Biden has opened the border to immigrants.[1]

For the full impact of the evil video, watch it here. It runs about six minutes. Then read the whole Times story here.

Immigration Now the Top Issue. In a February Gallup Poll, immigration rose to the top of the list as the “most important problem facing the U.S.” (28%) surging ahead of government (20%) and inflation (11%). The 28% number may seem low, but 55% said that “large numbers of immigrants entering the United States illegally” is a critical threat to U.S. vital interests.

Immigrants are now 14% of the U.S. population and comprise 17% of the total labor force.

“The vast majority of Republicans already believed illegal immigration was a critical threat: 84% said so a year ago, but the percentage has now reached 90%. ...

Read More.

[1] “A month earlier, he had left his home in Somalia, fleeing a civil war, traveling first to Turkey then Brazil and finally crossing on foot through a 66-mile expanse of wilderness known as The Darien Gap,” said The Times.

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District Leaders

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