Three Kid-Friendly Garden Projects We Love
When you think outside the “pot,” anything can become a garden. Here are some great gardening ideas using everyday, accessible materials. So much learning goes naturally into gardening – and it’s fun!
Silly Caterpillar
Fill a nylon knee-hi stocking with potting soil. Make sure it is packed tightly. Tie the end of the stocking so the dirt doesn’t fall out. With a knife, cut slits in the top of the stocking and sprinkle grass seed mix on top of the dirt, working it in gently with your fingers. Water the stocking regularly. In about a week, you’ll have grass. Add some legs and antennae to your caterpillar.
Grass Person
Put potting soil in a Styrofoam cup. Sprinkle one tablespoon of grass seed mix on top of the dirt. Cover the seeds with another thin layer of potting soil, and water the soil until it feels just barely moist. Decorate the outside of the cup with facial features. When the grass grows, you can give your person a “haircut” and the grass will grow back!
Toy Garden
A plastic kiddie pool makes a great, raised garden bed, and trucks, wagons and anything else that can hold enough potting soil and a plant work too. The more soil your toy holds, the more options you’ll have regarding what to plant. Succulents are great for small toys. Don’t grow anything edible in a plastic toy, though. The material is not food-grade.
Grow a love for gardening with your child who's visually impaired!
Click HERE for more gardening ideas!
Let's Make Music!
Board certified music therapist Amanda Bryant shares nine short, two- to four-minute videos HERE on how music affects a child's sensory development by stimulating visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular and social skills. No musical experience or special instruments are required. Making music with your child is fun!
Stay Connected to A Shared Vision Families
During these uncertain times, we need to stay in touch socially and emotionally with people who are traveling on the same journey, even if we’re safer at home. A Shared Vision has a PRIVATE Facebook group where you can connect with other families who have a child who’s blind or visually impaired, share your challenges or coping strategies and get some helpful tips from our EI-TVIs.  Click HERE to join A Shared Vision Families .
We Appreciate Our Teachers!

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped our teachers! A Shared Vision ’s 15 teachers are providing early intervention vision services to Colorado’s families via telehealth. The response from our families has been very positive. Most of all, parents appreciate staying connected to their teachers from A Shared Vision .

Although COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted, the state has asked early intervention providers like us to continue using telehealth until further notice. Our teachers are consistently developing meaningful activities, unique to your child, which can be easily implemented while using telehealth. 
Thank you to our donors, both individuals and foundations, for your recent support. Your generosity is critical to the growth and sustainability of our nonprofit.

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