October 5, 2017

A massive crowd of passionate Educators gathered Tuesday night at Peoples Church to decide if we need to temporarily disrupt schools by striking to win the schools our students deserve for years to come. The overwhelming sense was YES! 99% of those in attendance Voted to give the FTA Executive Board the authority to call a Strike if we don't have a deal done after all legal bargaining proceedings have been exhausted.
Next Steps:
#1: We will continue to bargain with FUSD. Our next bargaining session is tomorrow, Friday, October 6th.
#2: We plan to set additional bargaining dates with FUSD after October 6th & before Fact Finding begins because of our collective power.
#3: Fact Finding is scheduled for November 6th and 7th.
#4: We anticipate receiving the Fact Finders report within three weeks after Nov 7th.
#5: If no Tentative Agreement is reached after we receive the Fact Finders report we have a legal right to Strike.
It's time to include more parents in the strike conversation. In the coming weeks we need all educators to talk to at least 5 parents/guardians about why a Strike might occur in FUSD. These conversations MUST take place before work, during your lunch break, and after school. 

Excellent Video From the Bee (2 ½ minutes summary) 

BEE: Fresno Unified Educators Overwhelmingly Authorize a Strike Against Their District
ABC30: Unanimous vote at FTA meeting for teachers to go on strike, first time in nearly 40 years
FOX26: Fresno Teachers Vote To Strike As Soon As November
CH47: Fresno Teachers Vote in Favor of potential strike
BEE: Despite teachers vote, a Fresno Unified strike is a long way off - if it happens at all

Large School Calendars

If you do not have a large school FTA calendar  you may stop by our office and pick one up. It is now first come first serve because we only have a few left.  These were delivered to the school sites earlier in the year but if you did not get one feel free to stop by. 
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AC not working in your classroom?
Here are some steps to help:
Notify the office manager or Plant Coordinator (PC) to check the controls to make sure they are on and functioning.
There's a slider in the classroom that can be moved to bring temp down 3 degrees.
If that doesn't work, then the site needs to call Energy Management who'll call the HVAC guys to go out and service.  
Below is Jason's contact info from Maintenance and Ops. 
559 457 - 3045

Have you moved? Do you have a new phone number or email? 

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