Sharing a home with an animal, even temporarily, is a responsibility that requires care, respect, patience and time. Many of our animals require extra loving care as they recover from illness or learn correct behavior. Our fosters log hundreds of volunteer hours every month to care for animals in desperate need like Carmela and Queena.
Carmela came to us terrified of everything!

She was even terrified of her foster mom, Colleen. But thanks to Colleen's patience and care, Carmela is learning to feel safe day by day:

Day 1: Carmela arrives at her foster home and her kennel is set up inside of a pen – her own safe spot to unwind without interference.

Day 2: Carmela ventured out overnight for a meal. Today she stuck her front bits out for kibble and water. She also played subtle peek a boo with her foster mom through her cage door. Those ears! Have you ever seen a grander pair?

Day 3: She finally shows herself! Not for long. but more than yesterday. And her foster mom got to pet her a little inside her crate. She’s ever watchful through those holes in the side.

Day 4: Carmela’s foster mama thinks this new arrangement is great! It gives Carmela a more open view of life outside the crate (which involves lots of harmless animal love). She’s not as sure. Her foster mom shut the crate but didn’t lock it and Carmela seemed to relax some. Plus Carmela will feel independent when she pushes it open. In theory anyway!

Day 5: Little sweetness made it out of her crate. She still doesn’t want to be touched. But at least she’s out watching her foster family (her foster mom, mostly). She’s still matching the appetite of a dog much larger than herself – the poor thing must have been starved. Progress every day!
Queena was relinquished to LCAL with a congenital heart issue and plaque on her eyes.

Found as a stray while young, Queena was brought to LCAL when her family could no longer care for her.

Because of her heart condition, eyes and digestive issues, Queena would have struggled in the kennels at the rescue.

Amanda, LCAL's Foster Coordinator, reached out to her team of fosters to find the right fit.

Thankfully, Yuki and Frank opened their home to Queena, and gave her the time she needed to rest and wait for her forever home. A lot of time! Queena spent seven months in Yuki's loving home waiting for the right adopter.

When Queena's forever home was found, it was a bitter sweet day for Yuki and her family. Yuki texted, "It was hard to say goodbye but we are so happy for Queena to finally meet her perfect family."

Brian, who adopted Queena and who is the Executive Director of LCAL, could not thank Yuki, Frank and their daughter enough, "without their amazing care and commitment my family and I would never have met Queena. We are so grateful for their work and all of the work of the LCAL fosters and volunteers."
Bailey is a fun dog with a neat and unique striped coat. He is a curious terrier and everything must be examined carefully. He loves ropes and hard toys and adores antlers.

He’s very sweet with humans. He lacks confidence around other dogs and responds by barking. Bailey does well in a crate and stays quiet most of the day.