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Key Things to Avoid after Applying for a Mortgage

Once you’ve found your dream home and applied for a mortgage, there are some key things to keep in mind before you close. It’s exciting to start thinking about moving in and decorating your new place, but before you make any large purchases, move your money around, or make any major life changes, be sure to consult your lender – someone who’s qualified to explain how your financial decisions may impact your home loan.

Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t do after applying for a mortgage. They’re all important to know, or simply just good reminders:

Don’t Deposit Cash into Your Bank Accounts Before Speaking with Your Bank or Lender

Lenders need to source your money, and cash isn’t easily traceable. Before you deposit any amount of cash into your accounts...click here to read more.
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What Style is that House?
The Architecture of American Homes

Architectural style, more than anything else, is what defines the way a house looks and feels. In the US there are a whole host of house styles out there, all reflecting the trends, level of wealth and sometimes just the general mood of the era in which they were designed and built.

Everything from the materials used, to the size, style and shape of windows and doors, right down to the way a roof slopes and the tiniest of decorative details is what can define an architectural style.

Of course not everyone is drawn to the same type of architectural style and there literally hundreds of styles and variations of each of those styles. Example, a Ranch can be California, Raised, Split Level, Suburban, Cinderella, etc. Some of the common architectural styles in the US are:
A Frame
Art Deco
Cape Cod
Mid-Century Modern
• Modern
• Ranch
• Townhouse

Click here to see an infographic of some of the most iconic architectural styles,
their origin and era, and what features classify them as that style.
Click here to read "Homes that Built American Neighborhoods."
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home improvement, construction, or design.
8 Things to do
before Starting a Renovation Project

Renovating your house is an adventure, one that can easily go off the rails. There are a mind-boggling number of wrong turns homeowners can take, from going over budget, to hiring a shady contractor, to just realizing that the quartz counters or paint color they picked are so wrong—after the work is done. So if you want to make sure your renovation turns out all right...click to read more
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