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PEG 6th Congressional District Newsletter 372

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Note from the editors: We at Protectors of Equality in Government (PEG) want to tell you about meaningful ways to stay informed and active. We also want to keep things brief and engaging! Therefore, you'll now see a traditional, in-depth newsletter during the first week of the month, followed by shorter "Ideas for Action" editions the rest of the month. Let us know what you think!

Too Progressive to Vote for Biden? Watch This. Do This.

Get Inspired to Take Action: AOC Passionately puts in Context the Big Issues at stake for our Country

It can be overwhelming to create talking points about the upcoming election and to counter misinformation AOC's thoughtful interview develops cogent and salient points that matter to everyone.

  1. AOC clearly articulates the issues at stake for 2024 elections; she is on fire!
  2. She will help shape your thinking/discussion points and inspire you to share these at the dinner table with friends and family including those members who are voting age and your irascible cousin who says "why bother voting?" Talk with people you know

Urgent: Please send this video to all you know who feel they can’t vote for Biden because he’s not progressive enough, or who are waffling about voting for him: your children, their friends, family, and friends. Have them listen to what AOC says about Biden. 

A Vote for Trump is a Vote for More Gun Violence.

Wear Orange this Weekend!

Though it seemed to get lost in the coverage, Donald Trump promised the NRA at a May rally that he would repeal all of Biden's gun safety actions. He said, Dan Pfeiffer wants us to remember, that “in my second term, we will roll back every Biden attack on the Second Amendment.”


Denounce this by participating in Wear Orange Weekend 2024! It begins on Friday, June 7, the 10th National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Wear or hold anything orange (e.g., a pin, a scarf, an orange) to make an “End Gun Violence” statement.

How did “Wear Orange” Start?

On 1/21/2013, Hadiya Pendleton marched in President Obama’s second inaugural parade. But one week later, she was shot and killed on a playground in Chicago. Soon after, Hadiya’s friends commemorated her life by wearing orange, the color that hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others. “Wear Orange” is now observed every June to honor Hadiya and the more than 43,000 Americans who are killed with guns every year, and the approximately 76,000 more who are shot and wounded.


Many organizations participate in this project. For more info, two excellent resources are and Everytown.

Project 2025

Project 2025 is a document representing a far-right vision for America. It was prepared by conservative, white Christian groups under right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation, who say, “it is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical Left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on Day One of the next conservative Administration.”

Developed by powerful allies and supporters of Donald Trump, it aims to be implemented if Trump wins a second term in 2024. Frustrated by limited changes during his first term, this group blames government bureaucracy and federal agencies. Over the past four years, they have crafted this plan to bypass checks and balances, allowing the implementation of regressive policies without Congressional or federal agency involvement. The goal is to entrench these policies deeply, making them difficult to reverse for generations. Remember that the people he will put in place now understand how Washington functions and they can hit the ground running. Read more from Red, Wine, and Blue. 

Concerns about Project 2025 are justified. Let this motivate you. We have the power to choose between the next president as an extremist, authoritarian vision under Project 2025, or the democratic vision we support. Protect our democracy.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Talk about this and the importance of voting in 2024 with your family and friends.
  • Emphasize how this will strip people of the rights they cherish.
  • Compare a presidency under Biden versus Trump.
  • Participate in some of the groups mentioned in this newsletter, or other action groups.

Events and GOTV (Getting Out the Vote)


Call to Action

by PEG Contributor Ellen Halter

This election season began with the nightmarish specter of Donald Trump becoming president for a second term. Although in previous campaigns he merely spouted hate with no policy platform, he’s now evolved a platform, a scary one.

On Trump’s website, in what he terms Agenda 47, he specifies the details of his platform. These include ending the Federal Civil Service and replacing its employees with his own political henchmen. He’d also end the Departments of Education and Commerce, the Affordable Care Act, and the Biden era Clean Energy Regulations. Perhaps more frightening, he plans to implement extreme anti-immigration policies, mass deportations, and anti-LGBTQ regulations.

Trump’s vision of a proto-fascist presidency is so dangerous and destructive to our democratic ideals, it calls me to volunteer for Biden’s presidential campaign. I call you, too. This campaign cycle is the time for action, not complaints.

Saturday, June 8. Meet the Candidates

Join A2D2, Livingston Indivisible, and Indivisible Huron Valley to meet candidates Justice Kyra Harris Bolden, Kimberly Ann Thomas, and Representative Jenn Conlin.

Justice Kyra Harris Bolden, the first Black woman on the MI Supreme Court, is running to retain her seat. An accomplished attorney and former state representative, Justice Bolden has passed key criminal justice reform bills.

With a conservative justice not running, we have a chance to increase the progressive majority by electing Kimberly Ann Thomas. An experienced lawyer and law professor, she champions access to justice and legal integrity.

The Michigan House is tied 50/50. Re-elect Jennifer Conlin to secure a Democratic majority. Register: 4110 W Loch Alpine Dr, Ann Arbor, 48103. 2–4 pm

Tuesday, June 11. Vote Forward Letter-Writing Party

Join Swing Left/Ann Arbor inDivisible for Democracy (A2D2) for a party, a letter-writing party to be exact. Letters and addresses provided by Vote Forward will be used to send letters to Michigan residents who are likely Democrats but do not vote consistently. To make the process as stress-free as possible, the hosts will provide letters, voter addresses, pens, envelopes, and stamps. Attendees are welcome to bring their own business-size envelopes, pens, and stamps if they wish.

For those who prefer to write letters from home, detailed instructions are available here. Writing letters to voters is a fun, easy, and highly effective way to strengthen democracy by encouraging Michigan citizens from underrepresented communities to vote. Friends are welcome to join the event, and participants are encouraged to spread the word. The organizers look forward to seeing everyone there. Register here. 3–5 pm

Poll Workers Are Needed to Defend Democracy

Experienced poll workers are leaving their positions in droves because of death threats and harassment. Some of the accusations that have sparked this intimidation came from the top. Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman famously were awarded $148 million in damages after suing Rudy Giuliani for circulating conspiracy theories against them. 

Other harassment is local. Sheryl Guy, a Republican in charge of the election in Antrim, Michigan, made a simple mistake which caused her to become the subject of “threatening calls telling us how ignorant and dumb we are, how we should be put in front of a firing squad” — this despite the fact that Trump won the county with 60% of the vote.

All this harassment is having the predictable result: a shortage of election officials around the nation. In Michigan, their turnover rate between 2020-2022 was 26.5%, erasing their mountain of experience. The turnover for lower-level poll workers is estimated to be much higher.

On a positive note, Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says the publicity surrounding these threats have made more people interested in defending the election process by helping to run them. If interested, please check out the state’s poll worker webpage.

Election Victory Support Group Drop-In Thursday at 3:30 at York Food and Drink

Come enjoy the good company of like minded individuals who are working to see that we win in November. We guarantee you will leave feeling better than you do now.

This week we are going to introduce the Distill Social postcarding campaign to those who haven’t signed up to help yet and distribute postcarding supplies to those who have or will. Also, you will have the opportunity to join us writing postcards. York is located at 1928 Packard St, in Ann Arbor. Drop in any time between 3:30 and 5 pm

Visit the PEG Events Page for more upcoming events at!

More Things to read, watch, and view

Planet on Fire: The Hottest Twelve Months Ever Recorded

Much of the climate crisis the overheating earthcan be blamed on fossil fuels, adding huge amounts of heat-trapping carbon to our atmosphere. In tropical areas, the climate crisis is already here: in warm areas of the planet, from Africa to the Middle East to Southeast Asia, rising temperatures have been excruciating, not to mention the wildfires threatening North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Biden is becoming known as the Climate President. His 2022 Inflation Reduction Act invests billions into “clean energy, electric vehicles, environmental justice, and more.” Trump, on the other hand, will decimate the environment if elected. He has already promised oil and gas interests a rollback of Biden’s regulations if they donate one billion dollars to his campaign.

PEG Exclusive – How is the United States Governed?

The United States and each state are governed by a variety of laws. Our laws come from the federal (i.e., U.S.), state, or local/municipal/county governments, or a combination of these governments. PEG Contributor, Leslie Kamil has given a comprehensive yet digestible refresher on how all of this works!

Read More
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