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"Spring Forward"
There are robins everywhere. Daffodil yellow dots our garden borders. Whites, pinks, purples, reds are budding out of the woody branch tips of trees and bushes. The air is beginning to have a different quality about it. The sun is brushing a new warmth on every surface. The weekly weather report includes more days bumping into the 60’s. March winds coming off the river are blowing last fall’s leaves about; they rustle delightfully in their springtime dance. Soon I expect a little bird couple to arrive, begin to check out and repair the tiny nest tucked away in my hanging porch light fixture; to get it ready for what’s to come. This weekend we’ll be re-setting our time pieces
– to SPRING FORWARD . It’s that time of year when a sense of excitement stirs, and a new kind of energy weaves itself into our days and into our hearts. Earth is renewing itself. How can we not find ourselves caught up in it all?

I came across an interesting quote recently and share it here - one by renowned author Joseph Campbell. “People say that what we are all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we are really seeking. I think what we are seeking is an experience of being alive, of the rapture of being alive.”

Our liturgical season of Lent does have a somber quality about it – calling for self-examination and introspection. However, isn’t the theological focus of Lent all about the transition of death into renewed life? Getting ourselves ready to become alive again as we follow Christ towards and then through the cross to the other side of suffering where transformed life awaits?

This is a time to prepare to become alive again. We are called to explore the ground of our being, search for and find that what we thought was dead in us is putting out little green shoots. In our deep “soul” soil there is new life that wants to push through and bloom. Like with the tiny tips of tree branches – the miracle of life pushing through what had for a season seemed stark, bleak, barren.  All this pushing through is really a miracle. Springtime, as with the season of Lent, is about getting ready for new birthing. Each spring as I see life being pushed out, I think about any birthing process, the pain that seems to be a natural part of the process. Giving birth, being birthed – difficult processes. But then exquisite joy as what emerges from the process sees the light, breathes in life and comes alive.

Our gospel passage this coming Sunday offers us the opportunity to listen in on a conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. It’s what could be fondly called the “born again” passage. Nicodemus is having trouble with the concept. The earth in springtime doesn’t seem to have trouble with the idea. Do we? 

Robin Photo by   Daniel Roberts  on  Unsplash Background photo from Brent & Becky's bulbs web-site
Quote of the week

"All of earth is crammed with heaven and every bush aflame with God, but only those who see take off their shoes."
 (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
Last Week at Farnham & St. John's
The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. Photos courtesy of Courtney Sisson & Anne Neuman
Coronavirus Alert
N. Farnham and St. John's churches are addressing the coronavirus issue by altering for a time our procedures for Communion. Please listen carefully on Communion Sundays for directions to taking communion in a way designed to engage in Communion safely. Also, when "passing the Peace" let's use the wave of a hand, the finger peace sign or the elbow "bump" to connect with fellow parishioners. We will also be placing hand sanitizing supplies in our rest rooms and gathering spaces for your use. Cople parish has designed a simple pamphlet ( linked here ) with information about the virus and appropriate precautions which will be available in the sanctuary and parish hall of each church.
Forward Day by Day

We seem to be having trouble getting our Forward Day by Day books, and some of you miss them. The daily prayer can be found on-line

St. John's Church Street will be undergoing construction for approximately four months beginning in March.
This may affect those of you who like to park in the NNEC parking lot on Sunday mornings when that section of the street is blocked.
Please note that there are some parking spaces at the corner of our upper cemetery lot accessed by turning off of Richmond Road through the Atlantic Union Bank parking lot.
I will also be checking with Atlantic Union to gain permission for some Sunday use of the back area of their parking lot nearly adjacent to our cemetery.
However, please be careful walking from those parking areas through the cemetery grounds to church. Will keep you posted.
Yea!! Richmond County Jr. Beta

Three of our St. John's kids participated in the Jr. Beta Club competition against other schools from all over Virginia. George Saison, Elena Milsted and Gracie Heltzel all represented Richmond County Middle School in various competition categories. Two of our St. John's moms, Dianne Saison and Deborah Heltzel served as chaperones for the trip. This year Georges' team competed in the "Technology" category and won first place for their entry, a two minute movie they created called "Betamanji." The next level is the National Competition to be held in Ft. Worth Texas this summer. Georges and his teammates are helping to raise money for the team to go to Ft. Worth. So, I have invited Georges to give us a special "showing" at coffee hour this Sunday, March 8 th . We will have the opportunity to see their award winning entry and contribute to this incredibly worthwhile endeavor.  How proud we are of our "kids." 
In the Church
Sunday March 8 th

2 nd Sunday of Lent

9:00 a.m. Morning Prayer
at Farnham

11:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist at St. John's
Sunday March 15 th

3 rd Sunday of Lent

Holy Eucharist

9:00 a.m. at Farnham

11:00 a.m. at St. John's

Sunday March 22 nd

4 th Sunday of Lent

Holy Eucharist

9:00 a.m. at Farnham

11:00 a.m. at St. John's

Sunday March 29 th

5 th Sunday of Lent

Morning Prayer

& 5th Sunday Joint Service

10:00 a.m .
at St. John's
featuring the St. Margaret's School Treble Choir
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