APRIL 12, 2024

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Public Info Session: Capital Project

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April 29

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Today's Blazer Bulletin highlights the ways in which our proposed capital project aims to further MCSD's focus on discourse: fostering open, direct and transparent communication in ways that are accessible to our community.

MCSD's Strategic Plan is the foundation of our capital project planning initiative, with

components of our mission, vision, values and pillars permeating every aspect of our

proposed project design.

We hope that these newsletters about our capital project have been informative as well as enjoyable!

Thank you for being a valuable part of our school community!

MCSD Fosters Discourse on Proposed Capital Project

“Can you explain how voting for the capital project propositions is going to work?”

“How are you going to do all of this if it’s not completed during the summer?”

“Why does it cost so much to renovate these buildings?”

These were just a few of the questions posed to Millbrook Central School District administrators and board members during the three capital project information sessions held during the months of February and March, where the public was invited to join a discussion about the $77.5 million capital project that will be proposed at this year’s budget vote on May 21, 2024.

More than 100 school community members attended the sessions, which were held in school buildings as well as at Station 1 in the Union Vale Fire District, to offer a variety of accessible options to taxpayers. The events included a presentation about the project and the opportunity for residents to ask questions and participate in open discussions about the project.

Assistant Superintendent for Business and Personnel Elliot Garcia said that the district considers inviting the public to participate in open discussions a vital part of the project’s development.

“We’re mindful of the fact that this community hasn’t been asked to do a project like this since we built the high school (in 2006),” said Garcia. “We owe it to our current constituency to teach them more about the ins and outs of the project and what to expect, and that’s exactly what we were striving to accomplish.”

The project received mixed reviews during the sessions; some attendees expressed enthusiasm while others voiced doubts and concerns.

Attendee Dan McMorris conveyed support for the district’s efforts, praising their approach and careful consideration of the project’s design.

“The district is being proactive instead of reactive,” he said. “They’re working to create a safe environment for our students.”

Though resident Sharon Slocum raised several concerns about the proposed projects during the final information session – including the tax increase and the reasoning behind certain components, including classroom upgrades and the gazebo renovation at Elm Drive Elementary – she said that she found the information session helpful.

“The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and must-do items are important, but I’m questioning a lot of the project and don’t at all appreciate the fact that our taxes will increase,” Slocum said. “The people from the school did the best they could tonight, though, and it did give me a better understanding of the project.”

Others in attendance expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn more and participate in the conversation.

“Thank you so much for doing this,” said one Millbrook resident after the event concluded. “This was helpful. I’m happy with what I heard tonight and will be supporting it.”

In an additional effort to achieve optimal transparency, the district has also created a page on their website dedicated to the capital project. It includes the entire information session presentation as well as frequently asked questions and information on who to contact with questions or concerns.

“It’s critical to understand and address our community’s concerns,” Garcia said. “They haven’t been asked to do a renovation like this in recent years and the unknown can be worrisome. I wouldn’t blame them for not supporting the project if all they saw was numbers without knowing the project’s specifics as well as its benefits.

“It’s all about overcoming apprehension with information.”


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Millbrook Middle School seventh and eighth graders embarked on an extraordinary journey to IBM's Quantum Innovation Lab, where they had the opportunity to witness the Quantum Computer. They are the only middle school class to have ever had this unique privilege!

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