This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Naso, 26 May, 12 Sivan
What we learned this week.......
Neima Novetsky:
"Special Needs in Judaism"
Traumatic decisions that parents of special needs kids sometimes have to make.
R. Jason Knapel:
"Philosophical Issues in Modern Society"
Discussing the philosophical aspects of prayer
Dvar Torah:
R. Hanoch Teller
In the Beit Medrash
Learning with Midreshet Darkaynu
With Rav Berglas
Shavuot - Alumnae Learning in the US
As the school year comes to an end, it's a wonderful time to thank all those fantastic teachers who made a difference in your daughter's life, helping her have the most amazing year in Israel.
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For further info please go to:   Teacher Appreciation Gifts
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