This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Chayei Sarah, 11 November, 22 Cheshvan
What we learned this week...
With Michal Porat-Zibman
"Shmoneh Esrei Plus"
We learned the 3rd Bracha of Shmoneh Esrei - Ata Kadosh and spoke about how to embrace holiness in a materialistic world.
With Sepha Kirshblum
"Hyperlinks in Tanach"
Learning about Megillat Esther and trying to understand what made Esther a Jewish heroine compared to her ancestor Shaul. We studied both texts in depth to see their similarities and ultimately what made her different.
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Chayei Sarah
Rabbi Shvat
Tiyul Tanach - to the Old city and Nebi Samuel
Sensitivity Training Workshop with Yachad -
an organization promoting inclusion for children and adults with disabilities 
Bat mitzvah of Adina Friedman
daughter of Simmy & Jennifer (Hellman '94-'95) Friedman
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