This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parashat Ki Tetzei, 2 September, 11 Elul
Shana Bet 1st Day of Learning
With Rav Lerner:
Learning Netivot Shalom: thinking already about Yom Kippur and how to best maximize the 4 months of shana bet

W ith Sepha:
Welcome back and introductory session
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Ki Tetze
Rabbi Eli Wagner
Welcome Midreshet Moriah 5778
Dear Parents,

The Midreshet Moriah Class of 5778 has arrived!
From the airport, they went straight to the Kotel, and after arriving at 29 He-Chalutz and being assigned rooms, they headed upstairs to unpack, greet their roommates, and get settled.
Our welcome continues with tefilah, check-in, sessions to get our new students oriented, and then a visit to Kever Rachel and a barbecue at my house.

We're thrilled that they're here! 
As always, please be in touch with us with any concerns or suggestions. 

All the best,
Eitan Mayer
Rina Zinkin - Rakezet activity
Aliza Schwartz - Rakezet activity
Batsheva Reinitz - Rakezet activity
Bracha Krohn - "LIfe at Midmo"
Rav Eitan - "Learning at Midreshet"
Rav Eitan with Shana Bet
Shana Bet Tiyul to Ir David
Student spotlight - to follow
Tova Medetsky ('09-'10) on her marriage to Avi Sonnenblick
Tali Golubtchik ('14-'16) on her engagement to Yosef Naor
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