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Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Vayera Nov. 15, 17 Cheshvan
Chamesh Megilot with Malka Hubscher: Learning about the historical background of Megilat Rut and what motivated Shmuel Hanavi to write Sefer Rut.
Sho'ah ve-Emunah with Michal Porat-Zibman: Learning about what led the German teenagers of the 1920s to become the Nazi soldiers of the 1930s.
Devar Torah:
Rav Jason Knapel
Tiyyul to Nachal Og
Enjoying a beautiful day in November
Gorgeous views!!
Breaking for a Barbecue - yum!
Challah Bake - The Shabbat Project
Mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah
WOW! Nice Job girls!
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