This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Bereishit, 6 October, 27 Tishrei
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This week was our most exciting since the beginning of this year! Wednesday night, we not only returned from Sukkot vacation to the beginning of "Zeman Choref," the heart of the learning year, but we also inaugurated our new learning home! Our new school building, the new Midreshet Moriah, is a spacious, inviting home for learning, filled with warmth and light, located a short, picturesque walk down the Rakevet Promenade from our "Beit Ruby" residence. Our building is located at 1 Azarya Street, right next to "Aroma" on Emek Refai'm. (Come visit! We've found that the easiest place to park is on Rechov Ha-Rakevet.)

Our new building looks great, and we're so excited to begin learning there! We do still have some finishes to complete over the next few days, and our full complement of sefarim, which has been in storage all summer, should soon be available for use in our beautiful new Beit Midrash.

Thank you in advance for your patience. We are so grateful to Hashem for bringing us to the moment of inaugurating our new Torah home, and so happy to be sharing it with you!
Rav Eitan Mayer
Menahel Chinuchi
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Bereishit
Rav Jason Knapel
Starting classes in our new building - Rechov Azariah 1
Mishmar with Rav Lerner
 sponsored by Shana Bet student Jennifer Shabatian
This Mishmar was sponsored to honor and remember Ari Fuld, who was killed almost three weeks ago. May our learning in Midreshet tonight be a זכות for him and give his neshama an aliyah.
Post Succot Tiyul
Annual Succah Hop
R. Eitan with R. Ron and Michal
R. Lerner
R. Jason
Shaking Lulav in the Midreshet Succah
Rebecca (Cymbalista) Kurtz('11-'12) on the birth of her new baby boy - Nadav Yitzchak
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