This Week at Midreshet Moriah
  • Parshat Yitro 3 February, 18 Shvat
Seudat Ameinim led by Rena Coren in honor of Tu b'Shvat
A chance to connect the brachot we make on food
to the blessings in our lives
Girls brought names of those in need of health, parnassah,
zivug, and other yeshuot.
Dvar Torah:
R. Hanoch Teller
Tu Bishvat Planting
YU Evening of Inspiration - Mishmar and Kumzitz
with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, Kumzitz let by Rebbetzen Yehudis Golshevsky
Rachel Gaon ('10 - '11) on her wedding to Dov Soffer
Lila Wiener - madricha ('16 - '18) on making aliyah!
Tali Golubtchik ('14-'16) on her marriage to Yosef Naor

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