This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Shmini, March 30th, 23 Adar Bet
Questions in Emunah with R. Shvat:
We discussed the archaeological findings in Israel which prove the truth of the Tanach.
Pirkei Avot with R. Rafi Rosenblum:
We learned that we will bring to Olam HaBah all the character traits and spiritual acquisitions we are acquiring in Olam Ha’zeh. We have to be careful how we act in Olam Hazeh as this directly affects our Olam Habah.
Dvar Torah:
Shoshana Grad
Mitzvot of the Moadim with the R. Jason - learning in Mr. Bagel
More Purim Pics
Rabbi and Vicky Berglas on the marriage of their granddaughter.
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