This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Terumah, 9th February, 3 Adar Aleph
Parshah Insights with R. Jason:
Discussing the details of the architectural plan of the mishkan and whether they have an impact on our lives today.
Peshat in the Parshah with R. Eitan:
Exploring the true function of the Aron in the Mishkan ("Think Outside the Box"). Hint: It's not just a receptacle for the Luchot...
Dvar Torah:
Parshat Terumah
R. Ashi Taragin
Surprise Trip to Jump Park
with R. Jason Knapel
Mishmar sponsored by Ariella Wolfson in memory of
יצחק בן משה דוד ע''ה
R. Rafi Rosenblum (staff) on the birth of his new baby boy
Chavi Samet ('05-'06) on her engagement to Natan Ram
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