This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Chodesh Kislev
Parshat Vayetze, 17 November, 9 Kislev
What We Learned this Week.....
Parsha and Haftara with Malka Hubscher: Discussing the dynamic nature of Yaakov's personality. How in his parents house Yaakov was passive and pure but over the course of the Parsha he develops "street smarts" and learns how to actively take control of his life and destiny
Parsha Insights with R. Jason Knapel:
Teaching how we can learn life lessons from Yaakov Avinu.
Dvar Torah:
R. Ashi Taragin
In the Beis meeting with a Rakezet
Tiyul Tanach
Mishmar - given by Dr. Aviva Goldstein on Thursday night
Special Shana bet Mishmar at R. Eli Wagner's house
Bracha, R. Eitan and R. Lerner are in the USA....
The following Brunch and Learning program is open to everyone including alumnae mothers and mothers of present students.

Nov 18th Brunch and Learning with Bracha, R. Eitan and R. Lerner in Teaneck
Please daven for:

Yonatan Ayeel Avraham ben Eliza Yafa
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