This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Chodesh Kislev
Parshat Vayeshev, 31 November, 23 Kislev
With many thanks to Hashem for all the chesed He has shown us up to this point throughout the history of Midreshet Moriah and particularly during the start of our program this year....
...we are thrilled to inform you that this past week we affixed the mezuzahs
to the doors of our Beit Midrash.
Rabbi Berglas attaching the first Mezuzah
Rav Eitan attaching the second Mezuzah
Rav Eitan explaining the importance and significance of the mitzvah of Mezuzah
We have experienced Hashem's help at every step of our journey. May we continue to receive His bracha to give our girls the necessary tools to maximise their year in Israel and may we all get nachas from them.
What We Learned this Week.....
Hyperlinks in Tanach with Sepha Kirshblum:
Debunking the theory of why Achashverosh couldn't sleep the night after Esther's first party. He was really trying to figure out if Esther and Haman were plotting his assassination.
Find your personal Hashkafah with R. Jason Knapel:
Discussing how when dealing with different hashkafot it is very imporant to understand the other side and see things also from the other perspective.
Dvar Torah:
R. Uri Cohen
Siyum with R. Ron's
 'Mishnah Mania' Class
Siyum with R. Eitan's - Learn All of Torah with '929' class
Making Challohs for Shabbos
Mishmar - given by Rabbi Dardik on Thursday night
Batsheva Reinitz ('02-'03) - Rakezet - on the birth of a healthy baby boy

Michal Porat-Zibman - Staff - on the birth of a healthy baby girl.
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