This Week at Midreshet Moriah
Parshat Vayera
7 November, 2020 / 20 Marcheshvan, 5781
Tehilim with Michal
Learning the 3rd Chapter in Tehillim: The perek that addresses the effect of feeling overwhelmed by ones' surroundings and by the comments of others.
Parshah Insights with Rav Jason
Learning about the difference in personality between Lot and Avraham Avinu. How their cheseds went in two different directions.
Devar Torah: Parshat Vayera. R. Zvi Ron
Zoom learning with Rabbi Berglas
With R. Jason
With the Rakazot
Hilchot Shabbat with R. Eitan
Preparing Chicken Soup
Yum! Enjoying the end product!
Glassmaking Workshop
Cooking for Shabbat!
The girls did an amazing job!
Gabrielle Pinter (16-'17) on her wedding!
Tali Lazar ('14-'16) on the birth of her new baby boy!
Zavi Lava ('17-'18) on her engagement!
Aleeza Hartstein ('14-'15) on her engagement!
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