Sunday, March 31, 2024

From Nothing To Everything

John 20:1-18

Dave Heydinger

Happy Easter Church!


It is here. The most important day of the year that we celebrate as believers. The day that everything for our faith, for the church and for our individual and collective lives focuses to a single point. There are so many reasons to love Easter, we have so much tradition built around this day of days. How deeply have you considered Easter? How deeply have you thought about what actually occurred, what things were like between Thursday night and mid-afternoon Friday, and then what things were like between Friday night and Sunday morning? It’s incredible, and we’ll talk about that and celebrate the single most important event in human history. We’ll also talk about what it did and what it means. You know there will be some things you never thought about before, so come and bring others!


We have so many important and wonderful things happening in our church, please come and celebrate, worship and fellowship…and the music and hymns! Don’t miss it. We’ll start the day at 7:00 with a short, but powerful sunrise service. Please consider starting Easter with that, you won’t regret it I guarantee it. Then our 9 and 11 o’clock services will be full and truly joyful. Please don’t miss this opportunity to put priority on what we believe, and come worship together, because He is Risen… 


He is Risen Indeed!

I find it amazing that this road we have traveled together that has put me “out front” over the past 7 months(!) would culminate on Easter Sunday. Seriously, I am blown away by this, and so humbled by it. I am very excited that we have such an experienced pastor in John Donaldson starting in two weeks (after our special services next week that you won’t want to miss either). The future of our church is bright, come celebrate that as well.



News & Announcements

Announcement From SPRC

SPRC is thrilled to announce that a pastor has been selected to serve Elberton First Methodist Church! Rev. John Donaldson brings with him a wealth of experience, a heart for serving the community, and a deep passion for spreading God's Word.

We invite you to join us on Sunday, April 14th, for Rev. Donaldson's first service, where we'll officially welcome him and his wife, Lori, into our congregation. Let's come together to embrace this new chapter with open arms and hearts filled with excitement for the blessings that lie ahead.

Yours in Christ, 

Elberton First Methodist Church SPRC

Mary Jo Dye (Chair), Anne Bessinger, Ray Cann, Josh Collier, Wallace Edwards, Dave Heydinger, Brooke Johnson, Marjorie Moon

Flowers on the Cross

Don’t forget to bring flowers to put on the Cross this Sunday, March 31st. If you need assistance bringing them to the Courtyard, please see a Greeter.

6 pm Evening Service

There is no 6 pm service on Easter Sunday or the following week, April 7th. The 6 pm gathering will resume on April 14th, where we will be looking at the probable rapture.

No Wednesday Activities

Due to spring break, we will not have any Wednesday night activities (Fellowship Meal, 1st Kids, 1st Youth) on Wednesday, April 3rd. The Fellowship Meal will be on Wednesday, April 10th. 

We're Hiring!

SPRC is thrilled to announce that Elberton First Methodist is on the lookout for a dedicated and passionate individual to join our family as a Children's Ministry Director. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact the church office or a member of SPRC. A list of duties and responsibilities is listed on our website.

Easter Mission Project

Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. 

You have the opportunity to place your change in a bag and return it this Sunday. The proceeds will go to the start-up of the Laken Hope Riley Foundation, which raises homicide awareness and safety for women. If you would like to make out a check, you can write it to the church, and we will combine all the monies to send to this Foundation. 

Words of Encouragement...

"Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness."

-Floyd W. Tomkins

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Easter Sunday

7:00 am - Sunrise Service (Courtyard)

09:00 am - Contemporary Service

11:00 am - Traditional Service



Guest Speaker - Rev. Tom Atkins

9 & 11 am services

6:00 pm - Healing Service (Sanctuary)



Fellowship Meal

5:30 pm

Fellowship Hall

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