February 2024 NEWSLETTER

Full STEAM Forward is dedicated to promoting equity in science education by engaging girls of color, from underserved communities, in STEAM enrichment programs designed to foster a sustained passion for the sciences.

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Dear Friends,

As we dive into this month’s newsletter, we are filled with excitement and gratitude for the impactful strides we've made in fostering a love for science among young minds. Your support has been instrumental in our journey to inspire girls to explore the wonders of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). This month's newsletter is a celebration of our shared commitment to breaking down barriers and empowering the next generation of female scientists. Join us as we highlight some incredible moments and unveil a few of our educational partnerships that exemplifies our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility in education.

With gratitude,

Joni Bessler

CEO, Full STEAM Forward

Our Partnership with Overbrook Educational Center

“Students engaged in a relay game we play to show the effects of climate change on polar animals”

We are thrilled to share a remarkable collaboration that has been flourishing since 2022 – a partnership with the Overbrook Educational Center (OEC). OEC holds a unique position as the only public school in Philadelphia catering exclusively to students with visual impairments. Together, we have been working tirelessly to integrate in-person STEAM education programming into their curriculum.

This collaboration extends beyond the classroom, as we engage with science and VI (visual impairment) teachers to seamlessly bring our STEAM curriculum into their science program. The goal is not only to provide access to quality education but also to ignite a passion for science that transcends physical and sensory barriers. Your continued support allows us to break new ground in making science education inclusive and inspiring for every student, regardless of their abilities.

Our Partnership with Educating All Learners Alliance

In addition to our collaboration with the Overbrook Educational Center, we are thrilled to highlight another impactful partnership that is making waves in the world of education.

Full STEAM Forward has joined forces with the Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) to champion inclusive out-of-school (OST) educational programming at their conference in Arizona. Out of numerous programs, Full STEAM Forward was selected as one of the top 20 organizations by EALA partners. 

Our dedicated team members, Dr. Jacquie Horgan, VP of Education and Liza Aponte, one of our STEAM educators have been instrumental in this endeavor, working closely with other educators, administrators, funders, and community supporters to address the diverse needs of learners in educational spaces. We are excited to share that Jacquie will be featured on EALA's Podcast series, in an upcoming episode titled "5 Minutes with Full STEAM Forward," where she will provide insights on "Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists."

This partnership exemplifies our commitment to collaboration and innovation, as we strive to create inclusive educational experiences that empower all learners to thrive.

Jacquie Horgan, VP of Education

Liza Aponte, STEAM Educator

Your Support Is Making An Impact

Help Us Empower More Girls in STEM

Your support reaches far beyond STEAM education. Theses experiences have a lasting impact and builds our girls confidence in STEM! We appreciate every donation because it truly is making a difference!

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Our students in Kenya learning through movement

Our Kenya students engaged in a science learning activity

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Full STEAM Forward's work would not be possible without the financial backing of our sponsors and community partners. Thank you for your support of our mission!

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